What in life?

The average person is given 65-80 years on this earth? What should a person strive toward? I just deleted about 30 lines, where I was going to lead you to the same conclusion as me but I’ve decided it would be much better to hear your true opinions. So give it to me, if you please.


That’s easy…strive towards self-fullfilment. Now, figuring out what makes for a fulfilling life, that is what aggrivates most people. No one can answer that except you.

I have heard that fresh goes better in life.

IMHO, enjoying life.

As Abe Lincon once said,

“Its’ not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years…”

Mmmmmmmmmmm…hedonism. Sign me up, I’m all for it. I never could understand all these religions designed to supress desires. I can supress a desire to achieve a tangible goal, but I don’t see the point in supressing them for the sake of supressing them.

It’s the journey that matters. The destination isn’t important.

Strive to acheive non-striving.