What in the world are they saying?

Brass In Pocket is one of my favorite all time songs, but there is one line that I never figured out. She sings
Got rhythm. Can’t miss a beat
I got a ???
??? I’m winking at you.

What? What? WHAT?? is she saying here?
Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Scar Tissue repeats and repeats the same words and I cannot, for the life of me, understand what in the hell he’s saying.
With something something
It’s a lonely view.

With what, dammit? WITH WHAT is a lonely view?
Please help me.

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Well, as we wait for this to be moved, I can tell you that the words to Scar Tissue that you seek are:

“With the birds I share this lonely view”

If this is correct, these are unbelievably stupid lyrics.
According to both Letssingit and LyricWorld, the line in question is …


What the hell does that mean?

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I’ve been thinking it’s “With the blood we share/ it’s a lonely view.”

I don’t know what it means either. Not like the song makes a lot of sense anyway, but still…

After googling briefly for Brass in Pocket, most sites had the same lyrics that lyllyan provided. But there was one site that had the lyrics to the song by a band named Suede. I dunno if they changed just that line, but to me this lyrics make more sense.

Got rhythm, can’t miss a beat.
It’s got me so scared it’s so sweet
Got something i’m winking at you

With the birds we share this lonely view does make sense but is “got new skank it’s so reet” some kind of '80s slang that I just don’t remember?

Is it somehow related to the Bob Marley type skank? I always thought his song Easy Skanking was about smoking blunts. Is Chrissy saying she’s got some really good smoke?

Yea, I’m stretching here.

Try this website kissthisguy.com

from http://www.pretendersarchives.com
The mysterious lyrics to Brass have baffled listeners for nearly two decades. What is “reet”? And what might a “new skank” be? “Got bottle - I’m gonna use it…”? It’s not as mind-boggling as one might think. Skank is to move one’s body rhythmically from side to side, moving the arms along with the rest of the body. “Reet” means righteous. So what’s she talking about? She’s got herself a new way of movin’ and groovin’ and it’s hip. As for the not-so-listener-friendly “got bottle…”, that is British slang meaning “courage or confidence”.

That defintion of “skank” makes the old Fishbone song Skankin’ to the Beat less sexual than what I thought it was, but it fits better also.