What inexplicable thing has happened to you?

A while back, I was cruising the Dope and poured myself an adult beverage. In the process of recapping the bottle, the cap went flying and I couldn’t immediately find it. Later on, I did some serious searching for the cap so I could put the bottle away.

I didn’t find it. I found **two **of them.

What makes this seriously creepy is that I had just moved the furniture so I could clean the carpet, and there is no way that the second cap could have been unnoticed before then.

So what inexplicable thing have you bumped into lately?

A piece of fishing line between my teeth !!!

You gotta explain this one…

The most inexplicable thing that has ever happened to me was at Walt Disney World. I was down there for SIGGRAPH, the computer graphics convention. One of the companies was having a party there. Most of us still had our convention badges on, having come to the park on a bus from the convention center. I got in the habit of looking at the name badge of any fellow conventioneer to see where they were from.

I looked at the badge of the person in front of me.

Her badge matched mine. Same name. Same occupation. Same city.

I have no idea how to calculate what the odds of two random people with the same name, from the same city winding up right behind each other in the same different city. The occupation was not hard, as we were both at SIGGRAPH and both had “Animator” as our occupation. And Chicago is a very big city. But same name? Spelled the same, given that she was female and I’m male?

Glitch in the Matrix.
Apart from deja vu the glitches I’ve experienced are…

  1. Looking down at my arm, covering it with blanket, image of arm still there (white, ghostly)

  2. Look at window (inside a caravan on holiday) and see the reflection of a bonfire. Interest piqued - Look out of the window - no bonfire. Nothing.

Many years ago I had a ridiculously boring job at the order desk of a printing company. One day I was absentmindedly playing with an elastic while staring into space. My co-worker said something like “At least make yourself useful and use that rubber band to kill that fly that’s been driving me crazy!”
I looked up towards the rafters, about 20 feet up. “Sure thing! I’m a highly trained fly assassin!” I jokingly held up the elastic, stretched it out, and SNAP!
The elastic and the still twitching fly landed on the desk, between coworker and I.
“That’s incredible! You’d NEVER be able to do that again, no matter how hard you tried!”
“Think again! I’m a fly killah! I told you that I was highly trained!”
I once again jokingly held up the elastic and snapped it toward the ceiling (without looking),ONCE AGAIN, dead fly, one elastic.
Coworker: “Fucking hell! How are you doing this?”
Me: (getting a little freaked out at this point)" I…I have no idea"

Now, this wasn’t some filthy place, thick with flies. There were maybe a half dozen in a huge warehouse like space. At this point, several people had gathered to watch. New unopened boxes of elastics were brought forth. And we spent the next several hours snapping elastic bands into the ceiling in an impromptu insect eradication program, without a single hit.

In the afternoon, the boss walked in to find empty elastic boxes littering the desk, several hundred elastics littering the floor, and many orders backing up in the receiving area. He was not pleased. I regretted nothing.

When I lose items like this, never to be found again, I figure a wormhole opened up and the item vanished into a parallel universe. Some alternate version of myself is then utterly confused because he has two of these things.

So there ya go - you must have been on the “receiving end.”

Many years ago:

I was walking home from my job. A guy pulls over and asks if I need a ride. He takes me home and I thank him.

Fast Foward a year later. I’m driving down the highway; I see a car pulled over with the hazzards on. About a quater mile down the road I see a guy walking with a gas can in his hand. I knew the next closest gas station wasn’t for another three or four miles so I pull over to give the guy a ride.

I didn’t recognize this guy from adam but it didn’t take him long to recognize me.

It was the same freaking dude that offered me a ride home a year ago!

She was obviously an alternate you with a slightly different chromosome configuration from a parallel universe.

Did you make out? Cause that’s totally what one should do in situations like this.

I have synchronocities all. The. Time.

The most recent one was yesterday - I was in a meeting on Friday with a bunch of external people I’d never met and one of them was quite cute and I found my eyes drifting towards him during the course of the meeting.

Yesterday I was walking along the South Bank in central London on my way to meet a friend and was checking out the various fashions along the way (as I do) and found myself thinking of that guy from the day before - and moments later I walked past him.


Something like this happened to me once. I saw a cute girl, who was with someone I assume was her sister walking through town. I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about her, for reasons I now can’t recall.

The next day I was in town again, and I heard some footsteps behind me. I immediately thought to myself “I bet that’s her!”

I looked around, and it was her.

After that moment I never saw her again.

That’s an awesome story JimmyFlair!

Well, with a username like that, what do you expect? Clearly, they are trying to recruit you. :cool:

Had two dreams come to pass recently. First dream was at a party, where an old friend said as he was leaving, “I’ll see you in three days.” When I saw him again, we were standing by a large pool of water, with several bodies floating on the surface, desperate and drowning. My friend kept saying, “Not again, not again.” This was three nights before the Hudson River plane crash.

The second dream was watching a high-speed chase on TV, a large white SUV heading straight towards a giant water-filled sinkhole in the freeway, with the news reporters saying how they feared the driver was suicidal. The next night, there was a similar police chase (white Bentley, and slow-speed, going barely 30mph on the freeway) where the driver ultimately shot himself. The news initially speculated he was a high-profile individual, perhaps even a celebrity, but it turned out to be some anonymous Pakistani businessman.

This was before I retired. I got back from vacation and a couple couple coworkers dropped by my cubicle. One nudges the other, saying “*You *ask him.” The question is why I’m transferring to an MVS support group. I tell them I’m not. The nudger says they had an order to install a phone line and pc for me in the MVS support group. I tell them I’m not tranferring, unless I’d been moved. My boss says no. I go to the cubicle two floors up, where the new equipment was installed; there sits a guy about half my age. The cubicle has a name plate on it: 3acres H. Andatruck. I chuckle and tell the guy I’m 3acres H. Andatruck, from two floors down, then add “Dude, your middle name isn’t Hezekiah, is it??” Young guy looks at me, says, well, yes it is. Holy crap, that’s odd. “Okay, well at least tell me your dad’s name isn’t Shadrach.” Young guy looks at me and asks me if this is some kind of joke, because his dad’s name is Shadrach. And we’re both in mainframe support, in the same building, for the same corporation (even the same district manager). Oh, and our Mom’s names were similar, but not exactly the same.

After I got home from work that day, I got a call from a Subway sandwich shop near the office. The manager tells me he has my driver’s license; it must have fallen out of my wallet. I tell him I have my license (I checked as he explained the nature of his call). He confirms my name; says he looked it up in the phone book. I laugh and ask him if the birth year is around 20 years ago; he sounds puzzled and says yes. I explain to the manager and thank him for his diligence in returning the license; I’ll contact the right guy and send him over to get it. I then call 3acres H. Andatruck (the Younger) and tell him he needs to go back to Subway because he dropped his driver’s license there at lunch. A little rustling sound and then he sounds suitably spooked when he realizes for this first time that his driver’s license is missing.

And no, my name isn’t a common one. Odd day.

Didn’t you read your own thread title? Its inexplicable!

I’m perplexed over this myself. I’m sitting watching TV when I feel something between my cheek and gum. Dug out the old roach clip… UMM… I mean hemostats and pulled out a 1 1/2 inch piece of fishing line. Dined in a Mexican restaurant earlier that evening but didn’t have fish.

One day a friend of mine was having a cigarette outside his office and a sparrow fell into his tea.

Not inexplicable, fair enough, but pretty odd.

Great story, Jimmy Flair!

Mine just happened last week.

I was cleaning out the fish tank sultry, no? and noticed of my four run of the mill fishies, the sucker fish was no longer there. Which explained the green scumminess in the 5 gallon tank.

So, I transfer the 3 non-sucker fishies to another bowl and go about thoroughly cleaning the tank. Dumping the water down the drain. Dumping the gravel in handfuls into a colander. Cleaning the motor. Cleaning the walls.

While I was scrubbing the walls and such, I ran scalding hot water from the tap over the rocks, periodically shaking them up to clean more rocks. I am slightly obsessed with this aspect of the job as it is the highlight of the entire exercise and I am quite thorough in the Hot Water and Shaking/mixing it up part.

Then, everything goes back into the tank, fresh water added, fishies put back in and I am satisfied with a job.well.done.

I make a mental note to go and buy a new sucker fish but forget during the hubbub of kids, dinner and homework.

That night, the sucker fish reappears in the tank. Looking a little burnt on its face, but it is still alive.

I’m not sure if this fish is Keith Richards, Amy Winehouse or what, but he’s still going.

You have no idea how surprised I was when he just reappeared in the tank.

That’s one tough mothersucker!

Toothbrush bristle maybe?