What info does the Punch Telematix CarCube report?

My friend, who is a trucker, and his co-workers recently had Punch Telematrix CarCube devices installed by their employer. Basically, it is some kind of tracking device. They’re quite a bit concerned with this restriction of privacy but they’re not sure whether they should be, since they don’t really know what it reports. I was only able to find some Dutch websites about it and shoving them through Babelfish yielded not much usable information.

So, could the SDMB help me and my friend? Basically, all he wants to know is what information this device reports. I’m leaning towards only GPS reporting but maybe someone familiar with this device has specifics?

The manual says the device version is JDB1.0 and has the German title “CarCube Schneller Benutzerführer” (I have no idea what that means).

Looks like it’s not very known, hmm? :frowning:

Just some more information here in case it refreshes someone’s memory:

  • I noticed it has an “Acunia” label on the picture, as well. The company, maybe?
  • It appears to be connected both to the speedometer and the engine computer.
  • It has a SIM card in it which is how it offers remote access to the device and messaging.

Since there’s no real need to connect to both the speedometer and the engine computer, I suppose it’s safe to assume it reports some engine data, as well, isn’t it?

Ah, searching for Acunia helped find the real site for this company. They hid the company name well…

So, yeah. It would seem that it is quite a flexible device: “Can be connected to X, Y, Z and bla bla”-style.

There you go SmilingFaceOfDoom if you don’t ask here you never will find out about these things :slight_smile: