What is a candy you haven't had in ages?

Tonight I ran across Pop Rocks. I haven’t had them since I was 12 or so. That would make it over 20 years since I last had them.

I now have tropical punch flavored Pop Rocks popping in my mouth.

They’re fun.

I don’t see myself buying them regularly, but it was fun having such an absurd candy again.

Okay, and I’m wondering what it would be like if I gave someone head while I have them popping in my mouth.

What is a candy you haven’t had in ages?

I was thinking of a candy called “Lik M Sticks”, but doing a Google search just reminded me that isn’t what they are called… they are called Fun Dip .

I haven’t had that stuff in 20 years, I tells ya! But now that you bring this thread up, I miss it and just might order a case online. :slight_smile:

I bought a pack of those too.


You are my kind of woman! :slight_smile:

The only candy I still eat from childhood with any regularity are Jolly Ranchers when I can find the 5 lb bags at Costco. Unfortunately, they don’t have the fire ones anymore… they replaced them with Blue Raspberry… bleh!

Too bad I can’t find the sticks. Damn, that is two candies in a row in stick form. What would Freud say about me wanting to suck on sticks to relive my childhood? :smiley:

Well… except I’m not a woman.


But thanks, anyway.

Marathon Bars.

Charleston Chews.

Candy Cigarettes.

Mary Janes.

and of course,

Crunchy Frogs :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to imply! :slight_smile:

Either way, you have impeccable taste in candy!

Candy Cigerretes.

For some reason you can’t find them anymore. Probably those damn truth kids.

Wondering how I missed:

I expect you might finally give some validity to the urban myth about pop rocks and exploding heads.


Damn, now I want a Violet Crumble. They were a bar, sort of a spun toffee covered in milk chocolate. I think they were made in Australia. Anyway, I bought them in the old Woodards store in New Westminster.

I’m more of a “Spring Surprise” man myself.

Yeah… I just need a volunteer from the studio audience.


I recently had some Fun Dip. It wasn’t nearly as good as I remembered. Nerds and Gobstoppers, however, pleased just as much as they always did. I really want a Sugar Daddy right now, but I always get them stuck to my teeth.

I have Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies. I keep them on hand. I love them.

Is there such a thing as a Sugar Mama?

I promise you I used to eat this stuff, and it was called Lik 'M Sticks. I SWEAR! SO-CALLED “FUN DIP” CAN GO TO HELL AND DIE!

Oh! I love Nerds!

I used to be a freak of kid and stuff a full bag of Big League Chew into my mouth, and when that lost it’s flavor (like most cheap gum does: Bazooka Joe, etc), I would crunch Nerds into the gum to increase the sugar volume.

Damn, this is all bringing me back! Now if I can just find my Garbage Pail Kids cards (complete with crappy gum), I would be all set.

Smeghead! Thank you!

I knew I wasn’t crazy… well at least not forgetful crazy! Damn that Wonka and his evil lies!

There were Sugar Mamas, Mockingbird. Sort of like a chocolate-covered Sugar Daddy, if I remember rightly. I never had one but I heard about them on the Food Network show “Unwrapped.” Here’s a cite. Down at the bottom.

Lik M Sticks was the old name, right? Why’d they change it?

As far as I can remember from the first time I bought Fun Dip when I was 10 or so, they came with two Lik M Sticks. That would be 22 years ago.

Mockingbird, we are about the same age, so we were eating this candy around the same time. Now I don’t know what to believe! Your reason sounds plausible, so maybe that is why I don’t remember it correctly.

Then again, you did recently buy a package of them, so you might be right.