What is a cheaper alternative to a flask

I was looking at buying a flask for whiskey but the cheap ones ($5-10) have mixed reviews saying they leak or taint the alcohol. There are more expensive ones for $20-30 that probably do not have that many problems, but fundamentally it is just a container for liquid. I don’t feel comfortable spending $30 on a metal container.

What alternatives are there to a flask that would hold 8-12oz of whiskey, fit neatly into a pocket (preferably flat and rectangular), will not taint the alcohol, will not leak, screw on top, etc.

Can a person just use a water bottle? Does alcohol leech chemicals from the plastic? Those are large in diameter though, about 16.9oz and I don’t think I’d need something that big. 8-12oz is fine.

Well, you can just buy your booze in pint or half-pint bottles. You’ll get a perfectly nice glass bottle (well, assuming you’re not buying the cheapest stuff) with a screw-on top, and (depending on the brand) the shape will be just right.

LOL, I wish I’d thought of that. I prefer plastic bottles though, but yes that is a good solution.

Plastic, 10oz. 7.95


This time of year a lot of liquors come in gift sets and some have flasks with them. I’m sure the quality varies, but if your choice of booze happens to have one, win win.

If you’re going to start saving tons of money by carrying your own booze into places, you may as well splurge a little to do it right.

fuck that I won’t be happy unless I’ve saved $10 by buying a flask that will leak all over my leg and leech poisons into my alcohol.

Ok here’s a thrifty tip for you: Buy a cheap box (yes box) of wine. Drink the wine, then cut open the box. Inside you will find an awesome and reusable flask, that is a gift with purchase with your wine.

I have a large one that I use to smuggle booze onto cruise ships and a small one that I use for personal consumption :cool:

Foldable flask.

I got just the thing:Fake Tampon Flasks

They’re five for ten dollars and come with a fake wrapper so the doorman won’t look at them too closely. Now all you need is a sex change operation and no one will ever look twice at your booze tubes.

If you go for the sex change, there’s the WineRack.

Coleman sells a stainless one for $10 - $15.

Hmm… yes. The thing is, people on the internet be crazy. I doubt many of the reviewers actually bought these flasks, and they’re talking about “poison,” as if those manufacturers are sneaking it in. I learned from Cecil that people think that one side of tin foil is poisonous… Or else they’re purists who think that the taste changed because of placebo.

As said you can buy small plastic bottles that carry booze originally. I think I want to say that Early Times bourbon makes a good flask-shaped one (or is that only the big ones)? You probably want 375 mL or smaller, lots of cheap booze small bottles at your local 7-11.

You call that a flask? I like your moxy, kid. Although to smuggle it you might have to pretend you have giant testicles disease.

The benefit to that flask is that when packed in a standard suitcase and X-rayed it looks nothing like a flask. Otherwise it sits in a little room on the cruise ship and is delivered to you on your disembarkation, defeating the purpose.

Or a BeerBelly.

Don’t feel comfortable spending $20-30 on a metal container? :dubious:

Obviously you just haven’t found the right one.

$22 from REI

This one is really cool, I may order one myself.

Geez, just google ‘flask’ and go to shopping. Like I said, if you think $20 is too much money, you just haven’t found one cool enough yet.

The wood looks cool. But you can go way cheaper ($6+Prime), one of the cheapos OP is talking about. I think I’ve seen one with the funnel attached? But as far as the discoloration complaints, I will note that there are 29 1-star reviews, a few talk about what the OP says, but most are about damage in transit or in factory. There are 181 4- or 5-star ratings, so clearly many are happy.

I’d wash a flask before using but then I’d do that to anything washable that I just bought.

I will second the suggestion of Rum Runners plastic flasks. My Wife brings her wine into the movies in one of those (the acrylic wineglass is in her purse, and does fit nicely into the drink holders at our local theater).

I normally bring bourbon in a Coleman leather-wrapped stainless steel 8 oz flask. One of the “cheap ones” but I have never had a leak or off-flavour issue.

You can’t justify a decent flask? Really? Then just buy a plastic bottle of cheap vodka ($2.00) and use that. Problem solved.