What is a driver and why does my computer not have one?

for some reason my printers after about 6 months cant acknowledge the amount of paper I put in the thing …

I will say, if you’re buying a new printer, look into a Xerox. They generally cost more than the more popular brands but are rock solid and the cost per page for toner is significantly better than HP as an easy example.

I’ve had two Brother printers, and I never had a driver or connection issue with either. Meanwhile, I have to remove and re-add my HP printer at least weekly for it to be recognized.

OP, I third the suggestion by What_Exit and Francis_Vaughan to remove the printer in your Printers and Devices setting page, then add it again.

I did that. Still don’t work.

With respects to the OP and his difficulties, I am so stealing that.

Are you sure the printer actually works? In a lot of printers there is a way to print a test page without the printer being connected to the computer [print a button…].

Let’s try some concrete troubleshooting.

What manufacturer and model is the printer?

How is it connected? Wired to the computer, Wi-Fi, etc.

What operating system is the PC running? (Some Windows variant, some version of MacOS, etc.)

Canon GS2522, wired and using Windows 10 I think.

Google can’t find that model number. Google guesses it’s actually a MG2522:

But if you are being accurate about the model number, your root problem is that the printer doesn’t exist. :exploding_head:

I already tried their support, same one at that link. I deleted everything and started over. It keeps telling me it can’t find the printer. However after deleting every app that said canon, when I plugged in the cord from the printer my computer told me what I just plugged in. Model number included. So my computer recognizes the printer until I hit install. So I guess I go through life without a printer. Didn’t use to care but more and more companies expect you to have one so you’re going to the library so you can print an address label to return a defective product. And that’s a 24 mile round trip for an old fart whos driving skills aren’t what they used to be, lol.

Egads, that is a cheap printer.
When your computer tells you what is sees it is likely just reading the name out of the printer over the USB connection. Every USB device has an accessible name. Doesn’t mean the computer has any clue what the device is at this point.

The installation of the printer driver is supposed to provide the link from this name to the correct driver software. If the link is somehow wrong, it won’t find a driver. Maybe there is an issue here.

Printers this cheap tend to be very simple inside, and need the computer to direct every step of operation in tiny detail. Very hard for then to do much for themselves.

I have a Brother laser. One of the things I ran into was that the Ethernet port fried, so it could not be found. For a while I subsisted using the USB port (the thing is at least flexible…) recently I figured out how to use the Wifi connectiving and that “automatically join” button to connect it via Wifi.

So it’s possible the ethernet port bit the big one… does it also have USB?

Go to Windows Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → Devices and Printers ->Device Manager (or Printers), as others said, and delete the printer while off/disconnected, then go through the install process again.

(Or since Microsoft finds that if something is useful in Windows or Office, they either hide or delete it in newer versions, for Win 11: Search “devices” → Settings → Bluetooth and devices)

Device Manager’s Right-click “uninstall” is how to delete the driver so you can try again…

Thank you. I have gone through that several times and still get the not detected screen. I don’t have Wi-Fi on this computer so using wired. It tells me what I plugged in even after every thing ‘canon’ has been deleted. So I guess I have a Schrödinger’s printer. I have accepted that I have a defective unit that I can not return, no receipt. What hurts though is expensive ink cartridges I can’t use.

If the printer has ethernet, and the ethernet works, (or Wifi) you should see the address for the printer allocated on your router. That would be the main thing I would check. It may be your computer cannot find it, or it may be that it is not responding on ethernet. Which one is it?

I say this because my Brother Laser’s wired ethernet port bit the big one. Even with fancy commercial ethernet switches, I have seen ports die. I assume you’ve tried plugging the printer cable into a different ethernet port? Different cable?

If you can figure out how to print the printer status (does not need computer. Check your manual) Does it show an IP address assigned? If it’s or 169.x.x.x then the printer cannot even talk to the router, so has no address on the network.

(Most ethernet printer also have USB option to plug directly into the computer. Plug the printer in with USB. Does that also not show up on the computer?)

The trick is to eliminate the possible “not found” causes one by one.
The printer powers on.
The printer is connected to the ethernet/wifi (ethernet ports at both end of cable have a link light?)
the printer gets an IP address from the router.
You can ping that address from the computer?

Sometimes, once you know the IP address, you can force the computer to find the printer by telling it the IP.

It might be worth it to you to add?


You can go to this website:

If this is a time-sensitive matter, our US-based technical support team is standing by, ready to help 24/7 via Email at http://bitly.com/CanonEmail or by phone at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) weekdays between 10 AM and 10 PM ET (7 AM to 7 PM PT).*

*I’m not affiliated with Canon.

Questions and answers for your specific printer (MG2522) are at this link:

Looks like a whole buncha folks are having the same issue as the OP…

The easiest fix is probably to send an e-mail to the above address and request a chat session with a printer tech.

Much good advice in this thread, but there’s one easy and obvious check that hasn’t been mentioned yet. My first rule when having connection issues is “Check the cables”. So if you have a spare cable (either ethernet or USB, we still don’t know how the printer is connected), try this.