Can't Find Network Controller Driver

I need to find a network controller driver for my computer. How do I go about doing this?

The computer is a Dell E310 running windows XP media center. I reinstalled the operating system using the disk provided by Dell, and it apparently doesn’t include this driver. Any ideas on where I find it?

Note, I need the driver for the network controller, not the network adapter. That driver is installed.


Those drivers are usually part of the motherboard drivers. I frequently have to go find them when I reinstall an OS for somebody.

I think Dell should have the drivers at their website; if not, find out the make & model of your motherboard (a program called “Everest” is great for this, you can download it at; then go to the OEM’s site and look for it there.

Does it have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth adapter?

You said that you used the disc provided by Dell to reinstall the operating system. Is that the only disc you have? Because normally, Dell provides all of the drivers on a second disc. If you can’t find that one, go to, enter the service tag or express service code on the website (there will be a label on the system with this info) and the site will provide all of the drivers needed.

To simplify the above go here:

Thanks everyone for all you help! I should have stated that before I posted here I did go to the dell website and download all the drivers.

I downloaded everest. I wasn’t really sure what to do with it, bit it did give me a good picture of what was in my PC. In the device manager, windows was saying I had an issue with my network controller, but I realized it was actually an old TV tuner card. When I took that out, everything was working fine. Evidently there was some kind of contention with that device.

Again, thanks for everyone’s help!