What is a Geordie?

Just look at a map of the USA. A Hoosier is from Indiana, Buckeye is someone from Ohio, Nebraska is for Cornhuskers, and Wisconsin is where Cheeseheads come from.

In addition to the accent, many Geordies use considerable dialectical differences to other parts of the UK.

Us (pron. “ooz”): me
Divvent: don’t
Canny: aware
Kna: know
Gan: go

Which is what makes this Fast Show sketch one of my favourites (for non-Brits, they’re all playing very posh people from the 1930s/40s/50s, but using the working class dialects of the regions they’re meant to be from).

See also Michael the hotel handyman in I’m Alan Partridge, whom Alan has a spot of trouble understanding (“I’m sorry, that was just a noise…”).

(Incidentally, the actor who played Michael is not really a Geordie, and has more recently provided the voice for the irritating meerkat in the Comparethemarket.com ads.)

Oh yes, the Glaswegian accent. Just see this fine example from Rab C Nesbitt

Phew, they’re hot. What about the one on the right? It sounds like she has the same accent? Or am I missing a distinction?

These are just state-based nicknames (except “Hillbillies,” which is not a region-based). And they’re not very closely related to our identities, and certainly aren’t attached to a specific accent. I’m from Ohio, but it would be strange if someone called me a “Buckeye” in ordinary conversation. They’re much more attached to the supporters of specific university football and basketball teams.

Or the truly awful teenybopper soap Byker Grove (sorry, grohhhve).

Kim Walsh is from Bradford, which is sort of nearby, but I’m not sure where you’re hearing much similarity.

Kimberley is from Yorkshire. The accent is distinctly different to me - Cheryl’s Geordie vowels are markedly different and a lot more clipped. Yorkshire vowels are more elongated. E.g. Geordie “climbed” is kinda like “claimed” whereas Yorkshire is more like “claahmed”. Geordie “away” is “awee” whereas Yorkshire is “aweh”.

And yeah, Cheryl is one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, IMO. Kimberley… well she has nice hair.

if you think they’re hot, check out Cheryl and her co-judge, Danni Minoque, on X Factor. Yowse, I loves me a brunette, grrrrrrrr

Apologies for that hijack

She’s apparently contracted malaria as a result of her trip to Africa.

Not really Jjimm - more like “Nice” or “Good”.

(I’m Yorkshire but live in Geordyland - can’t understand the buggers without subtitles either. Only been here since 1979 :rolleyes: )

And Cheryl Cole (Tweedy) - OK until she speaks :frowning: and when she’s not beating up black toilet attendants.

A recent holiday, not the Kilimanjaro charity climb.

Well shows what I know. Never ask a soft southern puff about the North.

A propos of nothing, I was in Newcastle for the first time ever 10 days ago - went through it on the train. Interesting geography.

Geordies are also renowned for going out in all weathers in skimpy clothing with no coats, and regard anyone wearing one as a poof.

[Mal Reynolds] …but it is, on occasion, hilarious. [/Mal Reynolds]

Really? In what way?

I will kiss it better for her.

The depth and windiness of the Tyne, and the height of the bridges.

I saw the Angel of the North on the way there too, which was cool.

I think somebody’s having a laugh with this list:


Never heard of “purrer” either for my hometown (though pie-eater is correct).

Wish I’d known, would have bought you a bottle 'o broon.

I can attest to that, picking up my daughters from the city centre at 3am, most of the girls were wearing about as much clothing as you would wear in the bath :eek:

Don’t start! :wink:

Good post BunnyTVS - and hi from Prudhoe !

I know there are only a few Brit dopers. I wonder how many are from the n.e. ? Perhaps i should start a thread…

Anyway - for some propa Geordie folk may i suggest the rather lovely Unthank sisters:


@ Colophon:

“Hay-ya neva had a cup 'o beans, man?”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ7EPVQXUM8 - like a savoury 99 !

[Ruth] Ooh No! [/Ruth]