What is a good first Nick Hornby book?

I heard an interview with Nick Hornby on NPR yesterday, and I am intrigued. What would be a good place to start with this author?

A lot of people love High Fidelity, which was adapted into the movie with John Cusack (an excellent movie, by the way). *About a Boy * is another one that was made into a movie. Maybe start with one of those books, and then see the movie to compare them?

I read About a Boy and thought it brilliant. ( the movie isn’t half bad either, actually, it is pretty good except for a slight plot change.)

The way he so caustically described the main character ( I forget his name) and his selfishness and justified captivated me. I cannot tell you how many times I laughed out loud from a well written line or phrase.

I am definately reading **High Fidelity ** next because the movie slayed me.

If you’re into music at all then you’ll definitely relate to High Fidelity. My personal favourite is *About A Boy * though.

Well, the first Nick Hornby book I read was How To Be Good, and I was quite impressed with it. Very funny, but also serious and thought-provoking.

My favorite is “About a Boy”, as well. I’ve read the other two mentioned in this thread and all are good, though.

I’ve only ever read About a Boy unless I’m forgetting one.

I don’t think you can go wrong with starting there.

I agree that if you’re not really into music High FIdelity will drag in spots for you, but it is very good. I really liked About a Boy and also really enjoed How to Be Good. I am looking forward to grabbing the new one.

I’d have to go with High Fidelity first, not just because it’s so captivating as a novel, but because the film diverged from the novel enough for a reader to find the novel a revelation. The stuff in the book that didn’t make the original cut of the movie includes the scene of Rob’s finding a dream vinyl collection put up for sale, which was included as an extra on the DVD. Even better, though, was Rob’s pathetic birthday (both the get-together in a bar, and Rob’s visiting his parents), which weren’t filmed at all.

How To Be Good is one of my favourite books!

Reading High Fidelity is much better than seeing the film, and the new one is splendid.