What is a good way to sell an antique pool table?

It is time to put my pool table up for sale. It came with our first house and needed some work. I replaced the leather pockets and when I moved to this house I had the green replaced. The table was built sometime between 1890 and 1910. It is 8.5’ long.

I have been thinking that I would sell it when both kids were in college and that has now occurred. However, I realized tonight, I don’t know how to sell it. So any good suggestions?

When you had it recovered, did you notice if the slate under the fabric was one piece or not? I heard someone discussing pool tables once and he said that was a desirable feature about old ones. Might make it really tough to move, though.

Quite frankly, as is. First there are only a limited number of people who want a pool table and second, I bet the thing is darn heavy. Your going to need just the right buyer.

It is a 2 piece, apparently most larger tables are 3 pieces of slate. It takes professionals to move it.

Craigslist or Ebay with local pickup required are what I’d do - but I wouldn’t expect to get a lot from either of those channels.

Alternatively, if it’s genuinely antique/unique/whatever, you could try to find forums about antique pool tables and post about yours to see if anyone’s interested. The last alternative is calling around to local antique shops to see if they might be interested in purchasing it or selling it on consignment.

That’s really going to be a tough sell. Often folks can’t give away pool tables or pianos due to the cost and/or difficulty in moving them.

As mentioned, Craigslist and eBay are your best bets. Let us know how it goes.


I’m going to start with some of the local pool table stores that also do moves and re-felting.

Meanwhile, I am going to look into some billiards forum.

Do you have any idea of make or model?
Sorry, not looking to buy, just curious.

The maker was the long defunct American Billiard Table Co. of Jersey City, NJ.

No make/model though. Very little info about this company online thus far. This week I will look into the pool forums and see if that drums up info.