What is a good Yoko Ono c1970 costume?

1970s themed party, irishfella wants to go as John and Yoko. He’s wearing a white suit…what should I wear?

Most of the photos I can find don’t give much detail on her clothes, and because it’s a party, blue jeans and a black turtle neck aren’t really going to work.

A little help please.

To me, her iconic look is her wedding outfit…miniskirt, shirt, go-go boots, and big floppy hat…all in white.

Have fun! :slight_smile:

You could bring a ladder, and suspend the word “Yes” such that one would have to climb the ladder in order to see it.

I heard that’s how they met, because she created that work of art and he was so blown away by what she’d done. Lovely.

You should go dressed like John & Yoko did for the cover of “Unfinished Music No. 1”

Another vote for the wedding outfit. It’s how I usually think of her. Anyway, you MUST have oversized dark sunglasses; and in those days she was also known for very frizzy and thick black hair.


Oh, yeah, forgot the sunglasses! Also, not sure upon thinking about it if they were go-go boots, or white knee socks & shoes. But either way, I think you could get away with the shoes & socks if you can’t find go-go boots.

ETA: I’m a doofus…I just clicked on brujaja’s link, and sure enough…knee socks. It’s kind of a cute little outfit in that goofy 70s kind of way.

Don’t forget a long straight black wig.

Don’t smile. Yoko is known for that. Early on, she answered an interviewer’s question by saying it was a Japanese thing. :dubious: The idea was that unlike western folks, she didn’t go around smiling for no good reason.

Open up a big jar of ugly. Apply liberally.

Not cool, Gatopescado. She just didn’t photograph well. And she had an awesome figure.

I can manage with my own face and hair, thanks!

I’ve found one of my mum’s old 70s dresses that is…well, kooky would be the word. Big print, odd cut, very weird, I’m going to wear that.

I think we should get to see a photo.