What Is A Huckabee? (Huckaby?)

Ok, so John Madden was talking about a huckabee the other night, claiming it is some sort of contorted football stance, as seen in old photos. So where does it come from and why do it?

The term he was using was “huckabuck”. The fifth picture in this gallery of Packers Hall of Fame running back Tony Canadeo has a representative huckabuck. It’s not one particular pose, but a generic range poses to represent football action done during media days and the like in the days when camera and film limitations made real action photography of football difficult.

fiddlesticks is correct, but the term is actually “huck 'n buck.”

And of course, there is at least one website dedicated to the subject, with plenty of pictures and even an article on the photographer who might have invented the pose.

Ok, thanks folks. Good stuff.

But where does the name originate?

And what is the purpose?

The link I posted above says that the term was coined by Jim Laughead, a proflific football photographer. It was used to describe a posed shot that was intended to look like an action shot (specifically, like the player was “hucking” and “bucking.”)

While Laughead probably first originated/used the term to describe the pose of football players in the US, the phrase/term goes back to England.
Using Google Book Search “huck buck”

From 1892, a game from Sulfolk.

Now, can I show that Laughead coined his phrase to describe what he wanted football players to do, for his pictures? Nope. All I wanted to do was show that there was a phrase, “huck-a-buck” in existance before he used the somewhat similar words. Quite often, things that are similar have no relationship to each other. That may be the case here. I’ll keep searching.

The phrase in question is “huck 'n buck,” a colloquial shortening of “hucking and bucking.”

And given your username, I presume I don’t have to alert you to the repeated use of the phrase “huck and buck” in a certain 19th century adventure novel… :wink:

Nope. I had to exclude ‘Finn’ and ‘Twain’ from all searches. :slight_smile:

Kinda looks like this thing.