What is a "molecule mutation scan"?

This test showed up on my wife’s insurance explanation of benefits. I think it was part of a long line of different blood tests by ob/gyn.

It was WAY more expensive than other tests ($1,280). What exactly is it? I was unaware mutating molecules was a serious problem facing the world today.

I’ve never heard of such an exam being performed in a typical clinical setting. Did you have genetic testing performed?

She is expecting. It was not the standard first trimester prenatal screening tests which we elected not to perform.

This was not by choice, they just said “we need your blood for tests” and took 6 vials. Apparently this is one of the tests, along with “molecular diagnostics,” “molecule isolate nucleic” and disease test such as gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Ah. Yes, in that context, “molecular” means “genetic tests that analyze DNA sequences instead of, say, chromosome malformation or the presence of mutated proteins.” “Molecule isolate nucleic,” I think, is actually the lab procedure of extracting and isolating DNA; it’s sample prep, not a test in its own right (I think). Or, it might be a charge for the isolate standards that samples are compared against. Molecular diagnostic testing looks for certain specific diseases or conditions that have well-characterized mutations in known regions; the mutation scan, I imagine, will examine the entire genome for things that “ain’t right,” but may not be able to state unequivocally whether a disease condition exists, or what, if any, it is.

These issues will be discussed during a genetic counseling session, which they will probably be calling to schedule fairly soon. I’m not in that industry, so TTFWIW.

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