What is a piccolo snare drum...

…how does the sound of it differ from a regular snare drum?

If you can link me to a dynamite deal on a regular snare drum, you would be doing your good deed for the day.

smaller, thinner, higher pitch.

The Woodwind and Brasswind generally have good deals, depending on the exact quality you’re looking for. Remember, though, a good snare will still cost a fair amount of cash.

What kind of music will you be playing mostly?

I will be drumming for, and parading with, my 15-month old twin grandchildren at their house and mine - inside and out. So, I guess the answer is march music without the rest of the band. :slight_smile:

Wait until you become a grandparent, dnooman. You’ll be doing crazy things like this and loving it. :smiley:


You don’t want a snare drum, you want bongos. You can buy a serviceable pair of bongos for each of you for probably $60 total. Throw in some sticks, mallets and brushes and you can all learn to play much more interesting stuff than you can play on a snare. The kids may struggle for a few years mind you.

And buy yourselves each a Hohner Marine Band harp, they are foolproof fun too.

I Googled it and keep getting harmonicas. Do you really mean harp?

Are you any relation to WhyNot? You seem to be kindred spirits.

They are harmonicas; also known as mouth organ, or mouth harp. (Not to be confused with jew’s harp, which is also called a mouth harp. )

Yes, I just now found out at one of the websites I Googled that that
harp=harmonica=mouth organ.

Thank you Contrapuntal. See my post below to don’t ask for latest developments. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey don’t ask!

An absolutely great idea!

I’ll get 3 harmonicas and the Bongo Drums - and maybe even the snare, too.