If I buy a used snare drum, what other things...

do I need to attach the drum to myself as if I were a marching band drummer?

And where do I get those things? I Googled on used snare drums and I haven’t seen belts and whatever else this entails. Just drums. (And yes, I will buy drumsticks, too.)
Anyway, I’m in my second childhood, and my twin grandchildren love it. I intend to drum for them. We’ll march around the house, or wherever we feel like. Maybe down the street for all I know. They just love Marches and marching!

Can’t wait for the parades!

Someone here recommended getting them harmonicas and I did. Tried teaching them, certain they’d get it, but they didn’t. So we put the harmonicas aside for the future. What are those cheap instruments you hum through and get a sound?

What are those cheap instruments you hum through and get a sound?


google: marching snare drum and you will find the carriers you are looking for.

This site shows you different marching hardware, it also will give you names of suppliers in your area.

If it were me, though, I would call up your local high school and speak to the band instructor. They would know who the local dealers are, and given funding issues in some areas lately, they probably know the dealers with the best prices.

I have no useful information, but the OP reminded me of Alfred Eisenstaedt’s wonderful photograph Drum Major at the University of Michigan.

a stand and some sticks and/or brushes. a few lessons from a dvd is a good place to start and an instructor.

something nice to give your neighbors, like a dart gun in case they have to put you down

a slide whistle like the Hoosier Hot Shots

Twin grandkids, eh? I say get another drum and a flute, then dress 'em up like this!

You need to get an an old guy standing to your left carrying a flag, and a middle-aged guy next to him with a bandage on his head and playing a fife.

huh, my first simulpost.