What is a "winamp media file"?

I was downloading some sound files recently, when I noticed the download box identified them as "winamp media file"s. Does Winamp have its own, specific format? Or is this caused by Winamp being installed on my computer?

It just means that it’s a file that is associated with Winamp… mp3, wav, etc… if you didn’t have winamp installed it would likely say Media Player File or something similar…

Great, so how can I identify what file it really is? Checking its properties results in “Winamp media File” again, and there seems to be no visable extension.

You can tell what sort of a file it is by looking at the extension. (The three letters after the ‘.’ in the filename.) If you can’t see the extension, you may have it hidden.

Assuming you are using Windows 9x, open a folder, and select Tools --> Folder Options.

Uncheck “Hide Known File Extensions.”

You will probably find that the files are .mp3 or .wav files.

What OS are you using? Start by removing the association that these files have with Winamp. In the properties box it should say “Open with” . Go there and remove the association and then see what happens.

Oh yeah, click the “Like Current Folder” button at the top to make it apply to all folders, or the change will only effect the one folder you’re looking at.

Thanks! It worked.

Happy to serve.