Windows Question

K, I am not very familiar with Windows because I have used crappy Macs until last year. Alright, I normally use Winamp, but for some stupid reason I have Realplayer. I accidently changed all of my icons to the realplayer ones, when I want to use winamp! How can I change them back so they play defaultly under Winamp?

easy, stupid answer: If you still have the WinAmp installation program (or if you have a high-speed connection and don’t mind downloading it again) just reinstall WinAmp and it should take those files back. (BTW, even invasive programs like RealPlayer ask during setup which file types you want to associate it with.)

real answer: Start up Windows Explorer, go to View > Folder Options, then click on the File Types tab. MP3 files are somewhere on there. You might have to do some hunting, though.

Winamp and realplayer should each have a section in their setup options or related menu sections where you can set associations for the player to be the primary player for specific file types. You can also set the associations directly in windows by opening “windows explorer” and going to the “tools/folder options/file types” menu.

That’s what I was gonna do, but I went to download it and it just sat there. I don’t think the server is that crappy or it is that crowded…

When I try to download it, my DAP shows no FTP sites at all. Just a broken link?