What is a womans place in the household, I am confused?

This is the problem we face in society today, We don’t understand women, most women and thier sexist feminazis brigade do not know thier place in this world. Their seems to be alot of militant feminists who are continually fighting for ''equal rights for women", wheras in my opinion in the western world you should have none, the man is the keeper and bread winner of the household.

In the good old days before this stupid equal right’s bullshit women were rightly taught to pretend to be stupid when talking to men, because they knew there place in society. Then in the 1970’s women stopped the fake behavior and began talking normally to men. Now we have to put up with this shocking and upsetting antisocial behaviour from women, they should be ashamed of themselfs.

This is a problem they caused, a woman’s job is to make her man happy, look after the kids, keep the house clean and keep her mouth shut. But the stupid feminazis fucked all that up. Intelligent and assertive women do not need to talk about how “intelligent and assertive” they are, they need to keep thier mouths shut.

They took everything sacred from us, who the fuck gave them the right to drive cars on our roads, take our jobs and vote? I fucking didn’t, I applaud muslim countries because thier women know thier place in society and if they stray away from it they meet Mr Stone or Mr Noose.

I say bring back the good old 1940’s when everyone new thier place.

I smell an eventual move to the Pit…

Nah, GD – they can move it to the Pit.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Okay. I’ll wait. :smiley:

twicks, you’re awesome!

One question: are you serious, or just trying to get a rise?

People who fail 3rd Grade grammar and spelling shouldn’t be allowed access to computers.

TWO, take a guess. I’m betting the OP is banned within 2 hours.

A woman’s place is in the oven

Obvious troll.

When you say “everyone,” does that include blacks, gays, etc.?

Have you been in a coma for the last 40 (or more) years?

Back in the 40s, did people know how to spell “their”?

Obviously I am serious or I would not have wrote it :smack:

A woman’s place is sat on the deck, sipping cocktails and creating world peace.

Not only did they know how to spell it, they knew it’s proper place.

No not them, they are not normal people, Sorry about the grammer I am dyslexic.

You might want to stop that head slapping thing, I think it’s starting to have an adverse effect.

You people do not have much brains, do you?

I for one welcome our sexist feminazi overlords – sorry, overwymyn.

There are intelligent and assertive women on this very board. Talking to you. Being all disrespectful and shit.

And yet, we have more than you do. Funny, that.

If I were your husband I would be tanning your hide with my thick leather belt. Disgusting

Why, thank you Giles, have a home-baked cookie.

Curses! No matter I hard I fight, the housekeeping skills keep rising to the surface.