I'm All For Women's Right's, But I Think...

I was watching an old episode of Designing Women and Suzanne says

OK without getting too serious about this…Ladies please finish the sentence

I’m all for women’s right but I think the man should…XXX

What would you replace the XXXs with???

(Of course men are free to contribute too) :slight_smile:

a couple in my marriage…

…fix the car

…take care of the vacuum

…plunge the toilet


Have the penis. Note: This applies to my relationship only.

That’s about it.

…figure the taxes.

That’s just for my marriage though. I hate doing taxes.


Drive. If we’re both in the car he should drive.

Clean up the dog puke.

Be happy to make a formal proposal of marriage, with a ring, if that’s how the woman wants to get engaged. No grumbling.

…be the one to dispose of the small dead animals brought in by the cats. I’ll kill all the bugs - I’ve got one of those tennis racket zappers and I like using it.

…take out the garbage if it’s particularly heavy that week, because it has no wheels and it’s hard to drag.

… talk to the car salesman while I actually look at the cars.

If she still has to bear and birth the child, I’m happy to kill the bug or take out the trash.

I’m sticking with the bugs. Shudder.

I’ll add “carry the heavy stuff”. Sure, I *can do it, but it’s easier for him.

This, of course, applies only to men I can’t beat two out of three times at arm wrestling.

… be the boob grabber.

Not that I don’t like grabbing my own boobs, but it’s more fun when he does it.

…mop the bathroom floor without complaining about it. After all, only one of us can say for 100% sure we never pee on the floor by accident.

Call me conservatist, but I do think that applies to the vast majority of men; I make an exception for FtM who don’t feel comfortable getting the last bit of surgery.

… ought’a have lower body fat content than I do.

Dispose of the body.

…be greeted at the door with a glass of Scotch and his slippers.

… change the lightbulbs.

I’ve got a weird thing about lightbulbs. And I have very high ceilings, meaning step ladders are required.

Now that I’m single, I actually get a friend round to change the lightbulbs.

Well, once upon a time I would have said “plunge the toilet” but since I was the one who recently helped out with the septic tank emergency I don’t think I can say that any more.

So, in my relationship: “kill the spiders” and “wear the penis”.

Oh, and he’s still on the vehicle oil changes, but that’s just because of how we divided up the chores - I’ve offered to swap that for laundry but so far no deal.

I’ll take this…

…and this.

That sounds good to me.