What Is Alice in Chain's Song "Man in A Box" About?

Any idea? Especially, what does that one lyric mean when he says, “Jesus Christ - deny you maker”.

I recall reading an interview some time ago with Jerry Cantrell in which he said the song was about animal experimentation, but I couldn’t tell you where.

No, Bill, he isn’t telling people to deny Jesus. :rolleyes:

The chorus that answers “deny your maker” is “he who tries will be wasted.” So I don’t think it’s an anti-Christian song.

I think its Man in the Box, Wildest, and my copy of Facelift says that too.

I’ve always taken it to mean someone who’s been put down and hurt, abused, etc. Maybe someone who’s lost faith in his “maker”, perhaps. That’s just me though.


Or some other genre of animal cruelty.

But I’d never let that stand in the way of such a whompin’ tune.

I heard it was inspired by the process of raising veal.

I had a friend who convinced his mother it was a pro-Christian song for that same reason, Blackclaw. I never interpreted it that way. I don’t think that line refers to the first one, I thought it meant ‘He who tries (at anything) will be wasted (or their effors will be)’.

They sometimes play it at hockey games when a guy gets a penalty.