What is all this crap?

…And do i really want to drink it?

This is what is in a diet soda I like:

*Gum Arabic. What’s that, liquid chewing gum from Saudie? Will it stay in my intestines for 7 years.

*Oil of Wood Rosin. That almost sounds poisonous!

*Brominated Vegetable Oil. I don’t want to drink vegetable oil! Gross! And what does “Brominated” mean?

What is all this stuff?

My God, man, what are you drinking? :eek:

I just checked my Diet Coke, and none of that stuff is in there.
But then again, maybe the aspartame makes up for it.

You sure aren’t drinking water or Gatorade. I’d guess that you are addicted to some local brand of paint thinner. Personally, I would put it down and switch to something your body will tolerate better like Isopropyl alcohol or Drano.

I’m not going to pretend I know this, but here’s what I found out from the PSYC: Nutritional Additives Encyclopedia

Gum Arabic:

Source: http://www.phys.com/b_nutrition/03encyclopedia/02terms/g/gum_ara.html

Brominated Vegetable Oil:

Source: http://www.phys.com/b_nutrition/03encyclopedia/02terms/b/bromo_veg.html

The encyclopedia didn’t have oil of wood rosin.

Pooh-Bah. The only liquid recognized as safe is H20 with less that 5 PPM particulates, and nothing else.

The only other things are some varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables, uncooked, with some varieties of beans added to form complex carbs.

Now, gimme some of that greasy pizza, and pass the beer, willya?

could be diet mountain dew

and i know i’ve seen oil of wood rosin (which i feel very definitely SHOULD BE poisonous) in like iced teas, but only in cans.

Couldn’t be Dr. Pepper. I have one right here. No oil of wood rosin, gum arabic or brominated vegatable oil, but it DOES have phosphoric acid, and the ever-popular sodium benzoate.

“oil of wood rosin” is a bit unusual, “glycerol ester of wood rosin” is more common, and I would guess is basically the same stuff. It’s a stabilizer, ie. it’s meant to keep essential oils from separating and floating to the top.

I would guess the OP’s poison of choice to be a citrus soda, or at least something with a citrus content.

You’re right Yabob, it is glycerol of wood rosin, my mistake. The soda I’m drinking is diet orange soda, but I’ve seen these ingredients on diet Mt. Dew also. Maybe i should just stick to home brew beer. At least I know what it is I’m putting in that!