What is angel lust?

Simple question. What is angel lust?

I presume that angels don’t have lust; deadly sins, and all that. I don’t know where you saw the phrase, but there’s a chance that a typo was made in trying to type “angel dust.” Angel dust refers to a powerful animal tranquilizer called PCP. It is sold on the black market, and is reputed to produce hallucinations. It is also reputed to temporarily render the user rather stupid and prone to violence. Overdoses are easy to come by. As black market drugs go, angel dust is rather hazardous.

It was used in the context of a man dying.

Are you sure you don’t mean angel DUST??

Very, very positive. I am starting to think it has to do with the release of body fluid at death. Does a man ejaculate when he dies? maybe thats angel lust?

hmmm, I know it was a band, but I can’t find any info on them.

Also it was a book by Perry Brass - an apparent “erotic tale of time travel” hmmmm…
As for people dying?

Maybe it’s a cryptic thing about Buffy - the Angel blokey is a vampire, he’s quite sexy, he kills you?


I just found out its in a misfits song. It doesnt help though. BTW, I found the term in an essay by Sarte that my roomate gave me.

Looks to be an erection that lasts after death:

From here:

Google: “angel lust” death

That makes sense. thanks