Angel 02/05/03 - Soulless

No reason for spoilerbox. Angel becomes Angelus and plays mind tricks on the gang. Talk, talk, talk.

It’s fun to see Angelus. He’s truly evil and twisted.

OMG the X-rated double-entendres! Nas-tee.

Although I saw the ending coming a mile away.

Note to Connor: Get over yourself, girlfriend. God knows we have.

An average episode. Good to see Angelus again, but not that much happened. We still don’t know why Angel could not remember the Beast, and we still don’t know how the Beast got Angel (or someone else) to kill the last member of the Rah Tet, and we still don’t know how to stop the Beast.

I also thought that the explanation for Angelus’ history with the Beast was kinda dull. Hopefully, Angelus was lying and the truth will come out next episode (which looks better than this one).

An OK ep, redeemed by two lines:

“There should be a play.”

“What could be a better ride than a Mustang?”

Not a plot heavy episode but still very interesting and enjoyable.

I do hope that explinations are forth comming however. After all “Because Angelus is a mega bad ass.” is a good reason for only so long.

Angelus gives the show an extra kick: takes it somewhere new and, if that was even possible, darker. That’s truly cool.

—I also thought that the explanation for Angelus’ history with the Beast was kinda dull.—

Ditto. A sweet conspiracy that changed everything we know about Angelus would have been kickass. This “he offered, I refused cause I’m a jerk, he beat me up, then these chicks appears and banished him” was LAME. Please be a lie… unless of course it’s what I suspect: misdirection (which is certainly not the first time for Mutant Enemy, and would redeem things), meaning that Angelus, while his own brand of evil, really has very little to do with the Beast. He might be the big bad in the end, but only because Team Angel were fooled into thinking he had some connection to the Beast.

But hey, something big is going on here that we’re not bieng told.
Take Cordy. She came back with no memory. And we still don’t know why. She hasn’t been having visions: except of the Beast. She didn’t see the murder of the seers coming, and the writers of this episode made it painfully obvious that she SHOULD have.

Take Connor. The Beast knows who he is, knew from the second he burst from the ground. He obviously has no interest in killing him (to be fair, that could be said of anyone, since the Beast hasn’t killed any major character), and indeed simply seems amused by him. This isn’t simply a matter of having hung out with Angelus once. This is a real connection, whatever mopey Connor thinks.

Someone drugged Cordy and/or Angel. I’m betting it was either Cordy or Angel. The show is currently implying that it was Angel, somehow under the influence of Angelus’ deal with the Beast. But that currently seems to be a bust. And, given that ME likes to screw with us, that means that it was Cordy. Something huge is up with Cordy (and maybe Connor) I’m betting.

I suspect that we may find out that:

Angelus is lying, that he really did do what The Beast wanted from him, and the favor that The Beast was supposed to do for him in return will turn out to be tied into current events. I.E., making the Angelettes think Angelus knew something about The Beast and getting them to have Angel’s soul removed is a plot by which The Beast is paying Angelus back. Maybe. It’s just a feeling I’ve got.

I was expecting (no spoilerage, just my own guesses) to see the Beast show up and spring Angelus. As if the whole scenario (Beast, fire, sun, etc.) were just some plot to get the gang to free the soul and loose Angelus on the world. The Beast-Angelus link just feels a bit contrived, sort of like the phony Conner prophecy, the vision put there not because it’s true, but because it will free Angelus.

I liked the fact that they put the fragile shattery globe in the safe first thing (even though it vanished). One has to love how Angelus tells every single secret, gets under everyone’s skin, and sits back to watch the show.

Good episode, especially because of Angelus. Has any stopped to think that maybe Cordy isn’t Cordy? That maybe the Cordy that came back is some type of plant and that she’s still up there?

Totally. He reminds me of a much tougher Dawn.

Hmm…I don’t know. I think that the mysterious occurances (such as the drugged drinks) are a result of one of the other inner circle members-as opposed to Angel.

Next week (in the preview) it was said that someone was going to die, anyone want to start making guesses?

I’m saying it’s either Gunn or Wesley. Actually it could be that lightning chick…
Since I have to pick one, I’ll say it’s the lightning chick.

Exactly, I think Cordy was the one who drugged the drinks and killed the last Rah-Tet(sp?) and I thnk she stole Angel’s soul. I think she gets outed in the next episode and gets killed. Besides, the electric chick skipped town, unless she comes back I don’t think its going to be her.

Really dull episode. As Gaspode pointed out, talk, talk, talk, and the guy in the cage was a pale shadow of Angelus. This whole beast thing is getting very tiresome, and the soap opera aspects of the show just keep getting worse and worse. It’s become “The Young and the Restless” with vampires, and it’s getting very very old.

I disagree, even thought there was a lot of dialogue I thought it was great. I loved the witty insults Angelus threw out. To be sure, Angelus could be meaner and what not. I thought he should have attacked Fred, and not just grabbed her.

I really liked the episode, strong writing and acting, and the plot seem to be moving nicely. His soul disappearing was kind of predictable. Its was nice to see them put it in a safe after all the whining about the orb being out in the open.

9/10 for me. In additional to the factors meantioned, the sexual undertones on much of Angelus’s lines were well done, Conner was much less whiny, and plenty of Wesley.

Bye bye Gunn, Captain Third Wheel. They are setting it up.

I just hope its not a false preview and they do kill off one of the main characters. Gunn is the easiest to get rid of. Still maybe its Cordy to get her some extra time away from the set (then bring her back later – its a Higher Power thing). Next week should be fun.

I haven’t watched the show in a while, I kinda jumped back in last week when Angel had his soulectomy. Can someone explain how Cordelia came back from the higher plane?

Yeah, because killing Phred would really have made Gunn open up the cage…

Does anyone else think that padlock looks mighty flimsy? I mean, they could have just welded the cage shut.

And when did they find the time to remove the strap-em-down table? What’s the point of that? Making sure Angelus doesn’t get bedsores?

Supposedly Codelia was punished by the Powers That Be for helping Angel and the gang while they were trying to resue Lorne from the destiny stealing guy in Vegas. She was kicked out of the higher plane and put back on Earth with all her memory wiped out.

Thanks Amp.

I just made the mistake of looking at an episode guide with future episode spoilers. If it’s true, there’s some good shit coming down! I hope it’s true, even if that means some spoilage. I pulled back before the whole season was ruined for me.

Evidently, this is a new definition of “witty” that I was previously unaware of. Other than the Oedepus reference (which was belabored and obvious), the insults were particularly witless.