What is Billy Idol's White Wedding all about?

That says all. What is this song talking about?

The story I’ve always heard is that he wrote if about his sister. At the time, he considered marriage to be complete BS. Of course, since the time the song came out, she is still married and he has gone through quite a few girlfriends he had lived with.

I just wanted to say IMHO it’s a great song.

I think I know, but let’s listen to it real quick just to be sure.

Just as I thought. It’s about a shotgun wedding. Possibly his sister’s, as Mr. Blue Sky suggested.

Link to lyrics.

I believe she was pregnant at the time and felt she “had to get married”.

It’s probalby what what Mr. Blue Sky said.

But I was sure I heard/saw/read somewhere that he said it was about Lucy’s wedding on “Dallas.” Or Charlene Tilton’s real life wedding to a Country Western singer.

I heard (and later read in a biography of Mr. Idol) that it was about his sister–who was a born-again Christian and therefore supposedly very goody-two-shoes—getting pregnant without benefit of wedding bells. IIRC from the bio, he said she and her boyfriend decided to get married and his mother had to do a lot of work on the wedding dress so it would fit around her belly on the wedding day. If this is true, the song seems to be mocking Idol’s sister for what he perceives as her hypocrisy.

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I agree. And there is a good remake of the song by a german singer called Doro.

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Gee… I always thought it was about the importance of checking the long-term forecast before planning an outdoor wedding.

Also confirming that it was about his sister’s wedding (I think she was preggy, don’t know if she was a big C’tian) and his scoffing at the whole idea of marriage.
(In his own words in some MTV/VH1 Lyrics-explanation show).

And he did laughingly note that Sis’s marriage is still going strong, in spite of his doubts.

WW-related story: A guy I know was getting married and a friend was invited. During th dancing portion of the ceremony (reception I think), he walked up to the DJ and requested this song. Apparently, the DJ was as clueless as my friend and actually played it. I can’t recall if it was a shotgun wedding or if they waited for their kid to be born first…

OK, this might be my memory playing tricks on me, but as far as I remember, the video for White Wedding featured a panned out shot, filmed form the back of a church (like on a back balcony), showing the entire crowd bringing the Hitler salute as Billy sang the chorus.

Did I see a spoof video? Is my memory mixing one song up with the other? Or am I, simply, stark raving mad? :slight_smile:

Nope, that was it. It also had the woman dancing around the kitchen as various appliances exploded, and the tight leather clad booty shaking (which is what my 10 or 12 year old mind made the most prominent mental note of).

The fact that the scene was indeed in the video doesn’t preclude the fact that Coldfire might still be considered simply stark raving mad.


I’m pretty sure the scuttlebutt around my ol’ junior high school was that a “white wedding” was an introductory experience with heroin, and the song was about resuming one’s heroin addiction. It’s a nice day to start again…

Oh, the MTV/VH1 show noted tha WW has been quite popular at wedding receptions, which Billy found quite amusing.

AmbushBug- the heroin or coke interpretation is also quite popular, but the actual meaning is indeed a slam on marriage

Whenever I hear that song now, I think of that NewsRadio episode where Beth is singing it opera-style at Lisa’s and Johnny Johnson’s wedding. “Hey little sister. SHOTGUN!”

I always interpreted it as a shotgun wedding where the participants had broken up, then decided (or were pushed) to get married.