What is Bluetooth technology actually offereing us?

As the title…
FWIW, I first heard about Bluetooth ten years ago, simply because the father of a friend was working in developing it. Obviously, it then seemed to be the ‘next revolution’…as many things did in the 90s. I kind of assumed Bluetooth had gone the way of so many other products and systems, yet it somehow survived…but what does it really offer us? Wireless earpieces for phones, wow. Surely there’s a killer app for it, somewhere?

Bluetooth technology offers us the ability to have multiple devices communicate with eachother wirelessly. Keyboards, Mouses, Headphones, PDAs, Smatphones, Routers, et al. I would say this is pretty useful.

But merely creating an alternative way for devices to communicate hardly sounds exciting to me. (and what exactly is the advantage of a wireless keyboard anyway? ok, off topic…)

From what I remember about the early guff about Bluetooth, it would enable elements of a household hitherto isolated, such as the heating, to be connected to everything else. (Great idea, having your heating switch off when you’re on holiday automatically.) But it seems to have become much more of a niche market - involving those who have PDAs, several other wireless devices, etc etc.

I guess my question could be phrased another way: Is bluetooth a dead end? Will communication between unrelated hardware be easier another way, in the long run?

The opportunity to use the word piconet.

Sounds like something from my BBC B days :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m almost with you on this one. Convenience sells, and having less wires on and under the desk is always a nice thing. I don’t own any bluetooth devices, but I can see why people like them.

I’ve seen impressive demonstrations of bluetooth enabled houses. Bluetooth enabled heating, blinds, kitchen appliances, and media centers, etc. Bluetooth enabled housing is probably before it’s time though. A hassle to install, operate, and more money than most people are willing to spend for the convenience. Also, I doubt that many people even know about it. On the other hand, smaller bluetooth devices aren’t that much more expensive than their wired counterparts, and they seem to be everywhere.

Ultra-Wideband comes to mind. This is a good article about it.

If you must have a wire, then you must have a jack. If you store away, say, a bluetooth keyboard designed to work with a bluetooth pda or a bluetooth phone, then both of these extra-portable devices don’t have to have the same type of jack on them, which would make them bulkier.

By far, the most usefull application of bluetooth I’ve seen is wirelessly connecting a high-speed-web-enabled cell phone to a laptop to provide the laptop with a wireless high-speed internet connection. I don’t think that anybody can argue the usefullness of that.


How about this Micro Flyer for a killer app?

If bluetooth gets rid of mouse, keyboard and some interface cables that will be enough. The problem at this point is mainly cost. Bluetooth devices are still too expensive (on average) to be worth the wireless convenience to many people. This will change if prices drop substantially and it starts to get built in to even basic PCs like USB did.

I figure the killer-app is being able to transfer your contacts to and from your phone without needing a data cable.