What is broken?

It seems like there is always a thing or two (or three) that is broken around the house. For me, the washing machine suddenly broke mid-cycle, leaving me to deal with wet, sudsy clothes in addition to a broken washing machine. Also the car is leaking oil, not a lot, but enough to leave an ugly stain in the garage.

What’s broken for you?

The bedroom door broke off its hinges the other day. No idea why. I was still sleeping, and my SO broke it (thank goodness, I wouldn’t want it to be me). I heard the thump but figured he’d dropped something.

I do a little prayer over my washing machine to the washing machine gods every time I run a load. Don’t break, don’t break, don’t break.

Heating system. New in the Spring. Quite expensive. Keeps breaking. At least it’s covered by warranty, but it’s getting cold out there.

My 7 year old gas stove. Two burners on the right side refuse to work with me. The oven is also wonky, and will only work for my daughter. I think it’s time for a new one.

Nothing yet. I like to replace stuff before it totally busticates, so next week I am getting a new water heater and kitchen faucet. The clothes dryer is limping along but I’m in no hurry to replace it. It sounds horrible, I have to leave it unplugged or it starts running on its own, but it still dries the clothes. Everything in my condo is the original appliace (i.e., 15 years old) so I’m slowly replacing stuff.

I have a few windows where the trim is eaten by termites I have been putting off. I painted a few years ago and discovered it but caulked it all in instead of fixing it. Has been bothering me ever since. Hopefully this spring I will get to it. Door knob on my storage shed is broken. Office bathroom in my man cave has a piece of drywall missing wheer I replaced a pipe last month.

On of those vertical kitchen drawers that are designed to hold a kitchen garbage container. The railing setup requires special flat head screws that I’m waiting on for a while now. The garbage container has to be outside on the kitchen floor and it looks ugly – according to my wife.

Fridge has ice making kit that is not producing any ice. Replacement kit is ordered and in transit.

During summer, our entrance door made of solid wood got expanded a bit and made locking somewhat tricky – you had to push it up a bit for lock to go into designated space. Now, with the cold weather, the door got tightened a bit and the lock works fine. But, will have to fix it eventually in spring.

The fridge has an unfixable leak so we keep towels in the bottom of it; the dishwasher broke this summer; the back door needs a new screen door. Oh yeah, and the front and back steps need to be propped up. And the deck needs to be propped up, too.

Man, we need to get on top of some of this shit! :slight_smile:

My doorbell fried last night. A friend had pushed the button earlier, and it went “Ding…” and got stuck (unbeknownst to me).

Later, I heard it buzzing and got the button unstuck.

Now it only goes “dink-donk”

Bathtub. 15 year old fiberglass garden tub has developed hairline cracks in the bottom that are now leaking. Probably due to the original builders not installing it correctly to begin with.

We are having to use the guest shower until we can get it fixed.

Lock keeps breaking on back sliding glass door, but my son knows how to jiggle the doohicky to make it work again. As long as everybody remembers to not unlock it all the way it still works.

Lock is broken on sliding glass door from dining room to sun porch, but as long as other lock is working is no big deal. It also has a floor level lock with is a PITA but can be used.

Windows? doesn’t work on my computer. Whatever it is I can have only one window open at a time. I can’t minimize one window to look at something else, I have to close it. That might be a setting somewhere but it’s no big deal anyway.

Back left burner on the gas stove won’t light. We’ve been waffling on replacing the stove. Perhaps this will push us to either replace it with the fancy stove that csPartner wants, or maybe we’ll fix the burner AND get a new asbestos rope to seal the oven door, which leaks heat like crazy.

Thermostat in the clothes dryer seems to be wacky - it seems to have only one setting now, “burn to a crisp.” We’ve been compensating for it by drying clothes for shorter periods than usual.

The snowblower is jammed in some way. It doesn’t start with the electric starter, and the ripcord doesn’t pull either. Oh, and it’s leaking oil a bit. I really need to get the thing working before it snows, or I’m in for another winter of watching cwPartner struggle with the near-useless “electric shovel” he insisted on buying a few years back.

I finally got around to replacing the kitchen light fixture after far too long (we were just using the over-sink light). I was going to replace the ballast, but after taking it apart I realized it would be far easier just to replace the whole damn fixture.

So that’s what’s not broken anymore, but the hall closet light has been dead much longer. We don’t really need it, but I should get around to fixing that one too.

And the furnace blower is rattling louder every day; I’m afraid it’s about to go. That’s something I shouldn’t sit on too long, and I should probably call somebody rather than try to tackle it myself, which doesn’t make me happy.

Nothing now.

  • The plumber installed a new kitchen faucet last week.
  • The dishwasher guy couldn’t find a leak in the Jenn-Air so he redid the door seal yesterday.
  • The HVAC guy replaced a exchange motor yesterday, and
  • The GeekSquad just fixed the Blaster today so all’s good there.

Oh yeah, crap, the doorbell lost its ding… which actually is kinda nice.

My car’s automatic/power locks. I hope hope hope the power windows don’t fail next.

The doorknob to the small “airlock/mud room” vestibule in front of my front door. Half the time I pull on it, it comes loose in my hand. This is Very Annoying but I haven’t put in the time yet to find the proper size of screw to replace the one that’s missing to hold it into place more firmly… I just try to remember to twist slightly before pulling on it.

#1: There’s a leaky faucet in the master bathroom.
#2: We have a whirlpool tub in our master bathroom and the jets have never worked since we moved in.
#3: We have an intercom system in our house that has never worked since we moved in.
#4: In our garage we have a tap that’s attached to the hot water pipe instead of the cold water pipe, so we can’t use it for watering the lawn, say.
#5: There’s a screen on one of our windows that’s always falling off.

That’s about all I can think of, at the moment. We’ve had washing machine and fridge ice-maker repairs in the past year. And I replaced the ballast in some of our kitchen fluorescent light fixtures this summer, not to mention repairing the screens in a bunch of doors and windows.

This could be a long post. At home, the kitchen appliances are just aging out - icemaker no longer works, but the fridge & freezer are otherwise okay. Dishwasher is now legs-up, and the microwave is limping. One burner on the gas cooktop is dead, and one knob is (gasp) no longer mickeymousable so it’s been assigned to the borked burner. Oh, and I’m going to have to replace the damn under the cupboards task lighting.

My work laptop crashed last week and I got a replacement, which was initially defective, so THAT one was replaced. Then came the re-imaging and data retrieval fun (about 36 hours worth).

On a more upbeat note, I did fix the drywall issues around the house, and cleaned out my closet in the fervent hope that the wobbly rod will hold a while longer.

The dryer is wonky. We cleaned it all out, replaced the timer and the heating element and it still doesn’t heat or time correctly. We just make sure we are only using it while we are at home to monitor the cycle. Maybe next year we will get a new set.

We discovered the dishwasher wasn’t working by almost burning down our house - the timer got stuck or something, and when we got home (we had turned it on and left for an hour or so), it was VERY hot! I hate to think what would have happened if we had stayed out longer.