What is Charles Manson serving time for?

More specifically, I’m wondering this: Weren’t the Tate - LaBianca murders commited by some of his followers rather than the man himself? I’m not trying to spring the guy or anything, I’m just wondering why he’s in jail, too. Accomplice? Is that as serious a crime as actually plunging the knife?

From this website, I gleaned the following information about what the old maniac was specifically convicted of:

Although Manson wasn’t physically present at the murders, he was the leader of the cult, and had specifically directed the cult members to commit these killings.

California had the death penalty at the time, and Manson was sentenced to death along with the others convicted of the murders. But the sentences were commuted to life when the death penalty was abolished in 1972. Manson is technically eligible for parole, but utterly fails to convince the parole board hearing each time that he is fit for release back into society.

I know, I’m usually one of our diggers, but I’ll leave it up to the rest this time if someone feels the need. I believe I saw something to the effect that Manson had told a parole board hearing recently that, what with his website and all, he was too busy to be released.

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In California, generally speaking, conspirators to a crime are as guilty of the crime (once it has been committed) as the actors, and to any crimes the actors committed, if they are reasonably foreseeable in the furtherance of the conspiracy.

Example: Alphie and Betty decide to rob a convenience store. Unknown to Betty, Alphie decides to take a gun along with (in fact, you may presume that Alphie promised not to, even that Betty told him she wouldn’t go if Alphie brings a gun). In the robbery, Alphie hauls off and shoots the clerk. Betty can be charged with and convicted of conspiracy to robbery, and Felony murder, because it is foreseeable that a robber would bring a gun, and it’s foreseeable that he might use that gun.

AFA Manson goes, I believe he was convicted of the conspiracy by encouraging his followers to kill, then he was also guilty of 7 murders because he is culpable for any acts the actors took in implementing that conspiracy.

For those who care (and not to hijack): Cal. Pen.Code S 190.2 lists the special circumstances necessary for capital murder. SubS 3 is multiple murders.


My opinion is : the women and man who went out and actually did the killings were suffering from diminished capacity, legally.

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When Tom Snyde interviewed him, Manson said that he never killed anyone or orderd anyone to be killed. When pressed about that, Manson answered, as matter-of-factly as you would tell someone your telephone number, “I never killed anyone. And you can believe me when I tell you that 'cause if I started killing people there wouldn’t be any of you left.” That was chilling.

He has a lot of lose screws up there.