What is "D-MA" (as in "Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA)")

Source: Who is Bill Gates Supporting for President: Trump or Warren?

What does “D-MA” mean in the quote above? :slight_smile:

“Democrat” (her party affiliation) and “Massachusetts” - the state she represents.

You will also see ‘R’ for Republican and ‘I’ for Independent. I don’t think any other parties are currently represented in the House or Senate. Each of the 50 US states has a 2 letter abbreviation.

Right. In news articles, members of Congress are typically identified by party (D or R) and the two-letter abbreviation for their state.

It is also used by Fox News to designate a scandal-plagued Republican. That’s happened so often it is a GQ answer.


Let’s keep political jabs out of this. (And true or not, it’s still a political jab.)

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For members of the House of Representatives you may also occasionally run into something like this:

Joe Cunningham - D-SC1

That means that Joe Cunningham - my own Rep - is a Democrat representing South Carolina’s first congressional district.

You’ll sometimes see that for Representatives, but more often, they’ll just get “D-SC”, like a Senator would. Few people know or care what the individual Congressional districts are in a state. If it’s important, then they’ll spell out somewhere in the article “Smith, whose district includes the western half of Metropolis…”, or the like.