US Dopers - Do you know who your senators and representative are?

Today’s Boondocks cartoon caught my eye.

No cheating now - do you know who your elected officials are? Can you name the two Senators from your state, and what Representative is from your district?

(Check your work at the US House’s lookup or the US Senate’s state-by-state listing.)

Oh yes, and I know the people in the state legislative bodies who represent me too! I even know which one of them is an idiot.

Of course, this would never be true if I didn’t work with government stuff occasionally for work and Junior League. Up until a year ago, I didn’t really feel like this was “my” state.

Senators: Chris Dood & Joe Lieberman

Rep: Rob Simmons

Now at the local level, I have no clue who my state senator and representative are, and these jabronies probably have a bigger impact on my life that the dudes at the national level.

Charles Schumer
Hillary Clinton

Anthony Weiner

State Senator: No idea
State Assemblyman: Dov Hikind

City Councilman: Simcha Felder

Zev Steinhardt

Chris Dood? I like that. :slight_smile: Is that a pet name or a typo?

Chuck and Hillary in the Senate for me, and my man Charlie Rangel in the House. Eric Schneiderman, a real scholar and a gentleman, is my state senator.

Just a tpyo, but it does sorta fit doesn’t it?

My U>S> representative was Jim Moran, but now he’s Tom Davis. My Senators are John Warner and George Allen.

My governor is Mark Warner, my state delegate (lower house of state legislature) is James Scott, and my state senator is Leslie Byrne.

Yes, I’m a registered voter.

Despite my location listed over there ( <----), the Senators for my legal residence are Russ Feingold (woo-hoo, I’m a big Feingold fan) and Herb Kohl. My state Representative is Tammy Baldwin.

I’ve moved around too much to keep track of my state senators and reps.

I live in Virginia, but I’m still a Massachusetts resident. Ted Kennedy (dammit) and John Kerry (double dammit) are the senators. I have no idea who the rep for my area is.

Easily. Partially cause they both have the same first name. Daniel Akaka and Daniel Inoye. And the 2 reps from the state are Patsy Mink (mine) and Neil Abercrombie (long haired hippy dude).
And my state rep. is Galen Fox. Can’t recall the state senator. It’s been awhile since the last election.

Inoye’s either the 2nd or 3rd most senior Democrat in the Senate. The Republicans have absolutely no chance to win his seat. He could blow away his competition without running a single add. But he does usually run one a couple of times.

Here’s some more. Gov. Ben Cayetano, Lt. Gov. Maisie (can’t spell her name) Hirono. Mayor Jeremy Harris. Harris is such a shoe in for the Democratic nomination for governor (Cayetano can’t run again) that Hirono gave up for bid for the office and is instead running for mayor. Harris will be facing the same woman Cayetano faced last time, Linda … Lingle. I can even name the president of the University, Evan Doebele.

oh yeah.

US Senate
John Warner ®
George Allen ®

US House
Eric Cantor ®

State Senate
Bill Bolling ®

State House
Frank Hargrove ®

It ain’t easy being a Democrat in this part of Virginia (or any other part of VA except NOVA and the urban areas in Tidewater). Still, I fight the good fight and vote in every election.

US Senators:
Arlen Specter ® (actually, he’s a crypto-D; he realized that folks outside of Philadelphia wouldn’t vote for a Democrat)

Richard Santorum ®

US Representative:
George Gekas ®

Mark “It’s Only A Temp Job” Schweiker ®

Lt. Governor:
Robert Jubelirer ®
(also President pro tem of the State Senate; he didn’t have to give that job up when Tom Ridge left and he moved up a spot)

State Senator:
Jeffrey Piccola ®

State Representative:
Beats hell out of me; haven’t had to deal with him since I moved to my current home.


Looking at the Pennsylvania Capitol (aka The Big Top) from his office window

Is this supposed to be some kind of cruel joke?

Oh, how I wish I could forget:

Senators: Clinton & Schumer
Rep: Jerrold Nadler, unless his cholesterol finally got the better of him - haven’t checked lately.

New York State:

Governor: Pataki
Lt. Gov: Some irrelevant ex-judge (Lt. Gov. does nothing in New York)
Comptroller: H. Carl McCall (also running for gov.)
A.G.: Embarrassingly, I can picture but not name him.

State Senator: Tom Duane (insufferable, dumb blowhard)
State Rep: Liz Krueger (I think)
Mayor: Mike Bloomberg, the only thing keeping New York from falling completely into a 1970s-style toilet.
Council Member: Can’t remember. Yet Another Dumb Liberal describes just about the entire body, so I don’t pay it much mind; I wouldn’t be surprised if the Council passed a resolution declaring capitalism incompatible with New York.

So my assemblywoman is Deborah Glick, who only writes me once a week (it seems) so I’m shocked I forgot. And my councilwoman is Christine Quinn, who definitely meets the “dumb liberal” description. Liz Krueger is a dumb liberal who’s been elected to a different assembly district.

An aside:

Dumb liberal: hates capitalism, tries to ban markets - never quite learns that banning markets creates new, often illegal, and often worse markets. Loves positive “rights” such as to housing, health care, education, this, and that without realizing that you can’t effectuate positive “rights” without turning into Brezhnevian Russia, both economically and politically. Dumb liberals’ answer to most domestic wrongs is to regulate them into submission, at which point they complain about moribund economic sectors, and to international wrongs is to pass resolutions condemning various nasty things in the world–the more irrelevant to the liberal’s actual job description, the better. Dumb liberals think raising taxes has no effect on human behavior.

A smart liberal believes in using state resources to jump-start growth, especially by subsidizing infrastructure. Smart liberals recognize that you can tame the market’s pain without squelching its creativity. Smart liberals design taxes so that they won’t create perverse incentives. Smart liberals encourage the market to regulate bad things, rather than creating huge regulatory infrastructures more concerned with perpetuating themselves than in achieving goals.

Mike Bloomberg is a smart liberal.

Yes, I know who all three of them are.
In November, it will change because they created a new district that my Representative won in the primary. I get a new Representative in November, since I live in the old district.

Senators: Joe Lieberman and Chris Dodd, our very own presidential candidates.
Congressman: John Larson, I should know, I might work for him next summer. He’s a big party animal BTW.
Governor: John Rowland shudder I’m working for his opponent this summer.
LG: Jodi Rell. Her and Rowland spoil my all-D representation
AG: Dick Blumenthal,worst combover in politics but a nice guy
Secretary of State: Susan Bycziewicz, a backstabbing bitch on wheels if there ever was one. And that’s what most of her fellow Democrats think.
Treasurer: Denise Nappier, quiet and unassuming, I kind of wish she had lost so the Republican Treasurer would be in jail, it wouldn’t look good for Rowland.
Comptroller: Nancy Wyman, nice old Jewish grandmother who chain smokes. I wanted her to run for gov.
State Senator: Kevin Sullivan, leader of the State Senate and typical old-school Irish pol.
State Representative: Andrew Fleischmann, the definition of a Jewish intellectual.
Mayor: Jonathan Harris, glad he’s the mayor because the guy he beat out by 63 votes for the post had to resign.

plnnr Ben Jones, who played Cooter on The Dukes of Hazzard and served Georgia in the House a few years back is running in your district as a Dem

Osiris Inouye is second in seniority to only Robert Byrd. He beats Teddy Kennedy with a tiebreaker.

Why, yes, I’m a political junkie. Why do you ask?

Six months ago I knew, but I moved to a different state and I haven’t bothered to look it up – I’ll make sure to figure it out by November so that I can intelligently exercise the franchise.


Senators: Dick Durbin and Peter Fitzgerald
Representative: Dennis Hastert (or, as I refer to him, Hastert the Bastard. I think it’s funny!).
State Rep: Steve Raushenburger, or however the heck you spell it.
Governer: George Ryan.
Mayor: Ed Schock.

As for Hastert: Blah. One of the men I most deeply dislike in politics, and he represents me. This despite the fact that my parents voted against him. Did hear about one of my friends pissing him off when he gave a speech at our school though (heheheh). We had George Bush Sr. talk at our school, too, back in 96. I didn’t go there yet, though. My future Pre-Algebra and Algebra 3-4 teachers tried to sneak past the security guard by having one of them distract them with his Bush impression while the other went in.

I had cool teachers :D.

Rep: Nita Lowey (ugh)

Chuck Sumer (arrrrrrgh!)
Hillary Clinton (AHHHHHH! THE PAIN!)

Former rep was the rotund Jerrold Nadler.

Yeah, I feel adequately represented. :rolleyes: :smiley: