What Is Delaying Maj. Nidal's Trial?

The army major who murdered 13 people at Ft. Hood is still awaiting trial. It has been three years-what is holding things up?
Seems like a definition of a “speedy trial” needs changing. In any case, what are the issues delaying the trial?

His beardfor one.

(Seriously, the trial judge contends that Nidal, as an army officer, must comply with the army grooming standards. Nidal refuses to shave his beard so the trial is being delayed).

A couple of reasons. His health, he was shot and paralyzed during his spree. That delayed proceedings. Once he was healthy enough they had to do a psych eval. And he is doing things like the beard and being totally uncooperative with the process and trying to turn it into a circus.

Well, he doesn’t really have any incentive to be cooperative. He could get the death penalty after the inevitable conviction.

who is interested in moving forward?
He is clearly going to be convicted. So the possible outcomes are death or life in jail.
Death seems unlikely, and typically very expensive. So he is going to cost the government the same both before and after a trial. A trial is going to bring out the failings of the government to identify the major in advance.