What is "dfrgfat.exe" and why is it repeatedly crashing?

My PC has Windows XP. In the past few weeks some small program called “dfrgfat.exe” has been repeatedly crashing. I’ll return to my computer and there’ll be a dialog box saying that dfrgfat.exe has committed some unforgiveable computer sin and has been shut down by Windows. Would I like to close it or debug?

I generally close the dialog box through the X button. I suspect that dfrgfat.exe is related to the filesystem in some way.

Adobe Premier has begun crashing as well, always during the stage when it’s checking the files in a newly-opened project. I suspect that this problem is related to the first.

My computer had been running warm during the heat wave, but I applied extra fans and have not gotten enymore overtemp warnings.

Virus scans, etc, haven’t found anything new. I use ZoneAlarm, Firefox, Thunderbird, and OpenOffice.

I still have that damned Internet Explorer redirect problem though; six months of trying with every tool I could find didn’t get rid of it.

Is it just time to wipe my boot drive and do a Windows reinstall? I haven’t wanted to do this because I’m in the midst of projects, but if I have to…

Probably the Windows defragger

Send me your hijackthis log

There is dfrgfat and dfrgntfs for FAT32 and NTFS file systems, respectively. Are you actually trying to defrag your drive when the error pops up? If you are, then that exe might just be corrupt and you can just delete it from \windows\system32\ and copy it back from the cd in the \i386 folder.