What is French for "rush hour"?

Not much else to add here, except that auto-translators tend to do this word-at-a-time so I need to ask a person who knows.

Rush hour is “Heure de pointe” in French.

Le honk!

“Un film tres mal avec Jackie chan et l’idiot Chris Tucker”

Only if the road is blocked by a goose otherwise it’s Le toot!

Also known as “Ostie de calisse de ciboire de Métropolitain -AVANCE!”

Isn’t Le toot a euphemism for a Frenchman’s nether regions? :wink:

What’s French for the colloquial US expression “chow hound”?

Un Américain. :wink:

Seriously, if it means what I think you mean, then “gourmand” is the correct term.

And “toot sweet” is some fine French booty.

This reminds me of an episode of Girls Behaving Badly (hidden camera show) where they hire a young man, innocent and eager to please, as a server for a private catered party. One of the platters contained meatballs, and they told him to call them “Le balls de meat” in order to make the dish sound exotic.

Of course, he complies in a marvelous display of hilarity, as he moves from guest to guest with most sincere offerings of “le balls de meat”. :smiley:

Properly it should be “les balls de meat,” non?

Roger, that. Just Google ‘Alizee’. Now there’s a reason for surrender. :eek: :cool: :wink:

The sad part is, they sound just as weird in real French: “boulettes de viande”. Balls of meat. I don’t care how classy they look with their little golden toothpicks on a hors d’oeuvres tray, they are balls of meat.