What is going on here? [Mystery business address]

There is a company that I was interested in working for. This is a Fortune 500 company. I went to the address Google maps had for their local office. I didn’t go in because it was somebodys house. The phone number was disconnected. I found another local phone number for them, bUT it turned out to be a sex line. This is a very large IT company, and I know they do a lot of work around here. What is going on?

I found another address online for them, went there, and it was a methadone clinic.

…At least they’re trying to get help…


Might help if you mention the name of the company in your post.

Or try the phone directory or the company’s web site.

FYI - Example of a phone directory…

The company is NCR Corporation.

What used to be National Cash Register Corporation.

So now they’re National Cash Register Corporation Corporation? That’s like when Thai Military Bank changed their name to TMB Bank, essentially making them Thai Military Bank Bank.

Thai Military Bank Bank? Do they have a branch in the City of Chiang Mai?

Bank bank in the City of Chiang Mai?
Bank bank in the City of Chiang Mai…?
Bank bank in the City of Chiang Mai!
Bank bank in the City of Chiang Mai…!

*Oh you City of Chiang Mai!
City of Chiang Mai we love you!
An in The City of Chiang Mai
That City of Chiang Mai has banking too!

Lire? Dinar? Australian Dollar?
Any currency you’d wish to spend…!

Come Bank Bank in The City of Chiang Mai…!
Our fine Four-Tellered Friend!

Come Bank Bank in The City of Chiang Mai…!
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No, lets not. They’re too silly…

Google Maps used to allow public editing, and as I recall there was a loophole where random schmoes could change a business’ address without being authorized to do so. For a while there were a lot of defacements, where people would screw up a business’ listing or add inappropriate images to maps. Google turned off public editing earlier this year, so I don’t think you can do it anymore. My guess is the wrong information you’re seeing is an edit some bozo made to screw with NCR before Google took away the function, and it just hasn’t been corrected.

ETA: see this article: http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/11/google-shuts-down-map-maker-following-hacks/#.762jehy:Crpk

For the uninitiated, the name Chiang Mai literally means “New City” (even though it’s about 700 years old). So that would be the City of New City.

The Google Maps location for someone’s house may be the address of someone who telecommutes from home and has NCR listed as their employer. I wouldn’t assume anything based on that.

Thread title edited to add a little more info.

Maybe the issue is Google maps is dumb? I’ve gotten several sets of directions that have step 1 be drive half a mile down the road in the wrong direction to a certain road and then turn around to drive back in the direction you started from; got directions for a laundry mat from them that turned out to be someone’s house; got directions from them for an LL Bean Outlet store that were off by 3 miles!; got directions from them for a Bob’s Furniture that said the store was on the opposite side of the road from reality; and after over 4 years you still can’t find the address of any house in my town that was renamed even though that was 40% of them so you need to know the old street name and number to find them.

I no longer use Google maps for anything I need to actually drive to.

Google Maps bit my sister once.

I’m confused, why don’t you just call their main number?

Oh, thanks a BUNCH!

NCR started in the cash register trade. (It’s still there, judging by some of the POS systems I see in local stores.) Burroughs started on morphine, and then moved to Interzone… uh, started in the adding machine business. IBM started in the garment district. None of them stayed there. Back when you could get a good five million dollar mainframe, there were eight, then a bunch, of vendors running around, of which NCR was one, then zero, when they left the field.

My point floats around some, but I think I can normalize it from here: Name changes aren’t always misses, and can instead save you some cache.

They also own Radiant Systems, another large POS system company.

Er, what am I missing?
Where are you seeing doubling up of Corporation?

That would only be true if they were NCRC Corporation, but they are NCR Corporation, which doesn’t double a word.