What is going on in the serial killers thread?

I can’t figure out what the proper forum is for this question. But something very, very strange is going on in this thread, which was supposed to be the duty of the police to the public when they suspect that a serial killer is active. There’s someone in that thread who is posting a lot of disjointed, difficult to follow posts, whose content is poorly explained and unsourced, and at times almost seems to be having a conversation with himself or herself.

Crazy person posts on internet. Film at 11. Too bad, because the factual question asked is fairly interesting.

Wolfscratch seems to be determined to be a nuisance and not observe before posting. He is (or was) doing the same thing in the grave dowsing thread. A blast of continuous and loosely connected drivebys, then he disappears in a huff.

Since we’re not in the Pit, I’ll say no more for now.

There’s no proper forum for such a question. The proper thing to do is to REPORT the post (click on the little ! in the red triangle in the upper right corner) and inform the mods that there are several such disjointed posts (or whatever the problem is.)

according to his public info, he joined today and made 52 posts already.

That’s impressive (content of posts is another matter, of course).

And many lengthy, sequential, ones only a minute apart. Methinks that requires more cut & paste action than original writing.

Wow, Wolfscratch is banned already? I was hoping he’d blast more of his rantings and flame out in more spectacular fashion. Oh well.

OK wow, he posted (pasted) a LOT more since I saw that thread last. Impressive.

I think he’s technically suspended, based on tomndebb’s last post in the grave dowsers thread.

The crazy is STRONG with this one.

A one man forum filler. You don’t see those very often. I think we should have let him continue, at least until he located Amelia Earhart.

But in order to know he found her, we’d actually have to read and (shudder) understand his posts.

Hey now that the crazy guy who hijacked my thread is gone, could I possibly request that it be re-opened?

It’s here: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=601419&page=2


Yeah, but I think obtaining a consensus for his banning is a mere formality at this point. No redeeming qualities are evident, he’s racked up two warnings in the same thread for the same thing “Up yours, <Mod Name Here>”, and could possibly be awarded more warnings for other indiscretions.

I was going to say I disagree, as there are more bad posts than good, and you can just start another thread. But then I realized that you can’t easily quote to get all the non-wolfman related posts.

If it’s unlocked, I’d prefer the wolfman-related posts be deleted. If it’s not unlocked, here’s all the relevant posts in quote format (I had few minutes and a good find/replace program):

I have removed the Wolfscratch posts, as well a few posts responding to them, and re-opened the thread.

Booo! for history. Yaay! for sanity.

You are aware that referring to an unperson is a thoughtcrime?:wink:

~for early Christmas gift idea, secures for Cheshire Human a brand new highly-functioning Scroll Button~ :wink:

Thanks for making my quotes useless. :rolleyes:


Let me know if I can assist again. :slight_smile:

Come on- let’s give credit to Mods when it is due. I think they did a good job here.

I don’t think we should blame the Mods for your useless posts Big T.