What is going on with Amazon?

I’m trying to order some things from Amazon. I went to check out, and the glue I need for a project that I want to start working on soon won’t be delivered until the middle of March (or maybe April 1). The same glue is available from other sellers. I checked those, too, and they’re all shipping the same date in the middle of March, even though they’re in stock. :confused: What’s the deal with this? How can I get my glue without waiting that long?

What makes you think that they are in stock?

Use another store that actually has the glue in stock (I suggest ebay), or use a different SKU of glue that will suit your project. Those third party sellers don’t have any in stock either, they are just playing games with how they display it.

I suspect those sellers are “virtual”. If you bought from them, what would happen is, they would buy the same item from Amazon when it goes into stock on Amazon and Amazon would ship it to you directly. This would legally be a resale and would exempt the transaction from sales tax, making it slightly cheaper for you.

Are you unable to obtain this glue locally?

My guess is that a batch was recalled or the factory shut down for some reason.

Are you looking for that white Elmers glue we all used in grade school? If so, there’s apparently a simple recipe out there to make slime at home. For a while, that white glue was hard to find.

It says “Only 14 left in stock–order soon”

It’s not sold by Amazon. They’re all sketchy little third-party sellers.

I’ve looked for this glue before, and I couldn’t find it around here anywhere. It doesn’t help that I live in a town with substandard shopping options. I have to go to the next county over to do any real shopping.

It’s Uhu glue. Elmer’s wouldn’t work for what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to do these complicated little papercraft things (with instructions in Japanese, so I don’t know how that’s going to work out).

Uhu glue is made in Germany. Probably every US-based seller is waiting for the container ship to dock.

Well, I’m convinced. No merchant had ever been known to lie.

If you are trying to buy the glue sticks, the blue ones are discontinued. Try ordering the clear ones. They are in stock and shipping at Walmart.com

Is this what you’re looking for?

Says it will be here by Friday with Prime shipping.

I’m in Ohio, btw. Are you in mainland US?

Yes, but they are using Amazon.

Basically when you buy from them, an automated script they have tells Amazon “I’m buying this, as a reseller so no sales tax, and I’m incorporated in <some state that is not your state>”. Amazon then takes the money, possibly slight discounts are involved somewhere so the reseller is making a small profit, and actually ships the item to you.

That’s only the case if it says “Fulfilled by Amazon”. As long as it says that, you might as well be buying it from Amazon. You have their full protection, same return/money back policy etc.
If it says “Ships from and Sold by [someone]”, then it’s more like buying from eBay. Amazon is essentially just there to give them a place to show off there wares and transfer money. You do still have some protection, but it’s a much bigger PITA than getting something from Amazon.

Of everything I’ve bought on Amazon the only real problems I’ve had have always been with 3rd party sellers. I’ll avoid them whenever possible.

Try this on scraps and see if it works for you:

Squeeze Elmer’s glue into puddle. Let it sit for a bit - as it dries it will thicken up a bit. Then get a toothpick and dot onto paper. We used this method for model building. It was much stronger than glue sticks and because it was condensed, it wouldn’t ripple your paper.

I get a laugh when I see the exact same item being sold on Amazon with different descriptions for different prices.

The best example I’ve seen was an item being sold as a “spanking paddle” for $25 or so, and also being sold as a pottery tool (for shaping/smoothing clay on the wheel) for $6.95.

I ordered an item “fulfilled by Amazon” and listed as in stock last summer. Amazon Prime so supposed to get it in two days.

A week later still not shipped. Exp. arrival date weeks away!

So I canceled the order, picked another seller (also fulfilled by Amazon and in stock) and got it a couple days later.

This had happened before. Amazon is clearly messed up in this regard.

UHU isn’t the only brand of clear, multi-purpose adhesive - just search Amazon for clear multi purpose adhesive and pick one of the myriad other choices.

But as to ‘why’ this is happening - what the others said - if it’s a marketplace seller, they may not be holding the stock themselves; they may just be dropshipping or may themselves be waiting for supply from the same source as ‘fulfilled by Amazon’ option’

‘14 left’ indicates the remaining notional stock number that the seller has entered in their vendor database - it doesn’t mean anything more than that.

Or worse yet, waiting for the replacement container, the first one having gone ker-plunk.