What is: "holy shit my heart stopped?!"

Given the number of past players and hopefuls, I thought this might be of interest:

‘Jeopardy!’ host Alex Trebek hospitalized with mild heart attack
Would a host change be easy? Seems any relatively dignified persona would do (Ben Stein excepting).

By the time Alex goes, we should be able to clone him with CGI. We certainly have enough material.

Powered by Watson.

(Title should have been “Who said,” but I seem to have been drinking Scotch all day.)

It must be really hard to act professionally as an EMT or doctor when your patient is Alex Trebek. I think I’d find the temptation to be an incredible asshole and make a Jeopardy joke too much to resist.

Can you imagine being the poor EMT that has to administer the cognition tests (where they ask the patient a bunch of simple questions: whose the President, what day of the week is it…) with a straight face.

I wonder if he uses that insurance he hawks in those awful commercials.

Will Ferrell

I Got You Trebek!!

Sean Connery?

Jane Pauley

Kelsey Grammer and you’d barely notice anything had changed.

Art Fleming

Well obviously you wouldn’t ask them in that format.

“Mr. Trebek, for $100, this man is currently the President of the United States.”

“For $200, this is the current day of the week.”

I’ll take “I’m coming to see ya Elizabeth!” for a thousand.

“This game show host is expected to make a full recovery in time for the taping of the new season in July.”

I was going to start this tread with the title “What is a Myocardial infarction, Alex?”

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Worst replacement considerations:

Gilbert Gottfried
Flavor Flav
Mel Gibson
Jeff Dunham and Walter

I’ve been assuming that all those younger folks appearing in the video questions the last few years are actually trying out for the gig when Trebek retires.

Maybe when Jeff Probst gets sick of spending 4 months every year in various tropical paradises. His first major TV gig was Rock’n’Roll Jeopardy!

Peter Sagal all the way.

In our dreams.