What is it about being drunk that makes people announce it to the world?

This won’t add anything to the well-researched aspect of the opinion, but I’m sure that since alcohol is such an indiscriminate chemical, that it either is an agonist of several opiate receptors or produces effect equivalent to binding to them. After all, the effect of taking a moderate amount of DXM, which binds some opiate receptors, is theoretically very similar to a state of mild inebriation, and combining this with actual opiate, which bind to different opiate receptors, theoretically makes that effect even closer to inebriation.

Bill Cosby once asked a guy why he or anyone else would do cocaine. The cokehead said it was because it enhances your personality.

Cosby replied back with, “Well yeah, but what if you’re an asshole?”


Just last night, I ended up dropping an extremely drunk friend home.

During the 30 minute drive to his house, he must have announced - very loudly - his state of inebriation at least 30 times, interespersed with how fucked his life and stomach were. I had to pull over to let him puke three times, and each time, while puking all over my shoes, he repeatedly reminded me that he was, in fact, drunk.

If you don’t announce that you’re drunk, people might realize you’re an asshole because they don’t know you’re using alcohol to justify acting like a jackass in public.

Well, I just got back from a wedding in Minot, ND (no, not mine). I got up on stage with the groom, and sang “House of the Rising Sun” like an American Idol. Does that make me a drunk?

I would hope not. . . I remembered all the words.

Hell, I’ve got a good buzz now that I’m here, back home.

Hah!! I used to play that on my piano when I was drunk!! When I couldn’t play it, I knew I should stop drinking for the night.
And when I sing anything from West Side Story, it’s time to pour me in the car.

Maybe you should start eating kudzu: http://www.cnn.com/2005/HEALTH/conditions/05/17/kudzu.drinking.ap/