Your Drunken Personality

I’m drunk. My Japanese friends threw a party for me and I’ve had a LOT of sake. My head is spinning, etc.

Okay, now my question. What is your personality like when you’re drunk? From personal experience, people have a set personality when they are drunk. For example, I’ve got a friend who keeps thinking he becomes superhuman and can kick anyone’s ass. Another friend of mine becomes suicidal, I have to keep an eye on him so he doesn’t jump off a high place.

Me, I just become very talkative, which is very unusual for me. I do silly things that humour my friends for years. Also, I feel disincarnate. I feel my counciousness is watching a body to which it’s barely connected. I remember everything but can’t make sense of it.

I usually do silly things when I’m drunk and usually embarass myself when I wake up sober. I wonder how this will look to me tomorrow morning.

P.S. If you think this was written by a sober person, you don’t know how much time it took me too write it.

Only humans commit inhuman acts.

Although I no longer drink (alcohol, that is) I did until the age of 28ish (I’m 36 now).

When drunk I got VERY talkative. I knew it at the time and would constantly tell myself “shut up already”. This is the opposite of my natural personality, which is very quiet. I’m more of a listener than a talker. The next day I was usually a little embarassed by the personal things I had said.

I rarely drink. When I do, I never drink to get drunk. If I ever get too much alcohol into my system, I just get really red in the fact and I get very, very tired. Not very exciting or scandalous, I’m afraid.

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Don’t know who said it, but I like it.

I’ll be perfectly honest. When I get DRUNK drunk, I’m a real a**hole.

When I just “drink” and don’t get “drunk”, I’m the same as I always am.

I get overly affectionate and talk alot, well ok alot more than usual!!

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When I get drunk I relax, and I talk even more. God help the people who have to listen to me, because I already talk alot.
I also get really happy, and been known to share that happiness with my friends by calling and waking them up at all hours of the night. LOL
This is why I don’t drink much and usally stay sober.


Yer pal,

Smile, Smile, Smile…like an utter loon. Can’t wipe the grin off my face, no matter what anyone is talking about. The next day my face hurts. (I get chatty, too.)

Momotaro, you type pretty well for someone who is drunk. Perhaps you aren’t truely drunk but tipsy.

I have been around drunks of all types, hundreds of them, also went to countless AA meetings, not because I was in AA but because the family took me & I could come because I couldn’t hear when people spoke.

If you were drunk, as drunk is what drunks do, you’d type a whole nother way.

As for me, I haven’t got a hangover before but I usually just get sillyish tipsy but usually the acid burns my stomach soon so I don’t drink any more and therefore never really get to that master stage we all so much attain for.

I talk too much, usually about intimate matters. (See the “Shaving Pubic Hair” thread in GQ.)

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I like getting drunk with Le Chevalier Bleu (my SO)…he is kind of buttoned up most of the time (got that Frenchy concern for propriety & pronouncing everything correctly) but when he’s drunk he just can’t stop telling me how much he loves me & stuff…I’m the same way. I get very, very cuddly when I’m drunk.

My drunk personality? Talkative and needy.

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I get silly when I drink. Everything is funny. I can talk to anybody about anything, and everyone’s my friend.

Hmmm. Makes me wonder why I don’t drink more. :wink:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

My drunk personality (you think THIS one’s bad!) is what made me stop getting drunk. I lose all common sense and become absolutely fearless. Fearless enought to stop at the scene of an accident, drunk and underage, (the vehicle involved looked like a friend’s) and have a conversation with the cops working the scene. Fearless enough to go into the local police station, again drunk and underage, to look for 2 of my friends who had been picked up for underage drinking (I had gone to get something and missed the raid). Fearless enough to run through a bonfire. Or ride on the roof of a car at 85 MPH. Cirrhosis would not have killed me, I would have never made it that long.

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This is me when I get drunk (admittedly pretty rare).

Now this is just how my husband is (except for the French part, that is). He’s very affectionate when we are alone, but he thinks it’s inappropriate in public. But when he gets drunk, suddenly he gets all gushy and tells me that he loves me about once a minute.

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It actually depends on what I’m drinking. Most of the time, I drink Captain Morgans & diet Coke or else do shots of whisky (Jack Daniels if I’m feeling poor, Jameson’s if I’m feeling a little more spendy). I’m everyone’s best friend when I’m drunk, then. Also, I can turn into Queen Bullshitter. It’s very fun. I’m not exactly shy most of the time, but once I’ve got some hooch in me I’m absolutely forward. So those are fun drunks for me.

Tequila makes me reckless. I either want to get into a fight or I end up doing body shots off of somebody… and that’s usually the part of the night I remember. I don’t let myself drink it anymore.

Wine makes me horny, Jagermeister makes me insane. I avoid both of them too, for my own good.

When I drink I get all giggly and girlish. It only takes one drink, so I’m a cheap date (I think that is the reason my husband loves me). I can’t drink much more than that because my face and body turn bright red and I start puking all over the place. Then the next morning I have dry heaves and feel lousy for about a week. :frowning:

I become a flirt. A terrible (well, actually a very GOOD :wink: ) flirt.


Wow! My first post is surprisingly coherent.

I must have been somewhere tipsy and drunk. Don’t you go thinking that I drink a lot. I’ve gotten really drunk only twice in my (short) life. Sake is strong, especially warm one, because it doesn’t taste so strong. I don’t usually drink much, but I couldn’t refuse since it was a party in my honor.

I hurt myself stumbling through my apartment though, and I almost crashed through one of those flimsy rice-paper doors.

Only humans commit inhuman acts.

Val, I’m memeorizing this post for future reference…

I’ve lain out my drunk tendencies in a very similar thread, your mission…should you choose to accept it… is to track it down, and…well…read it. This message will self destruct 30 seconds.

And aside: Do people who must use sign language slur when drunk???