What is it about Crossfit that turns otherwise normal people into insane narcissists?

Super annoying. Every time someone starts Crossfit they have to post a fb update checking in each time they hit the gym. Constant posts of their wods. Constantly talking about their Crossfit workouts every day at work to anyone within earshot. Constantly repping their box. These are otherwise normal people who I don’t want to block on fb or stop talking to solely because of this but Jesus Christ already. Enough is enough. No one cares about your daily workout and after the first few days of encouragement and pats on the back by your friends it’s time to move on and do your workouts for personal fulfillment and not to garner attention. These aren’t people I would classify as narcissists in normal life.

You expect a certain settling period when someone takes up a new exercise routine when they have been sedentary before but after racking up the kudos just shut up about it. Runners and weight lifters don’t seem to exhibit this behavior as long as Crossfit dudes. My wife is a prime offender.

Crossfit dudes. Please. Just do your workout and get on with life. We’re all impressed at your squats but talk about it with your gym mates who are interested. Keep posting pics of your blisters or doing a pull up everyday and you get DA BLOCK!

I had to block that cell phone app that automatically posts a map of your daily walk/run. I don’t care!

Just to be clear this isn’t a critique of Crossfit. It’s a criticism of those who exhibit this behavior, which unfortunately seems to be most of the population of fb.

Its a cult.

That’s partially true. But really its a very difficult workout and it takes some serious motivation to keep with it. Announcing it to the world is one way to keep motivated. And it makes the fat slobs you know feel bad about themselves. Bonus!

I’m pissed because a bunch of people I know started going, and posting, and I was totally rooting for them and then…they stopped posting. Did they stop going? I haven’t had a chance to ask. But I feel toyed with :frowning:

“Crossfit is super humble. No one would even know you’re in shape until you post about your workout.”

“Crossfit has revolutionized fitness by teaching the correct way to do an incorrect pullup.”

“I’m winning at exercise”!

Uh oh… here you are sitting on your tubby rear posting away and she’s getting hard and lean and making friends with that annoying, hard bodied Crossfit guy. She complains hubby just sits around posting on a certain message board all day and working his fantasy sports teams. She asks him to hold her legs while she does a massive set of crunches. She likes the attention basking in his male gaze.

[quote=“Evil_Economist, post:6, topic:683965”]

“Crossfit is super humble. No one would even know you’re in shape until you post about your workout.”

“Crossfit has revolutionized fitness by teaching the correct way to do an incorrect pullup.”


Here’s another goodie:


I laughed along with the narrator ofthis one.

“What’s this guy doin-oh my god! Too heavy, mate” :smiley:
Then he shows the pregnant woman doing overhead lifts.
After that a man does them with a baby strapped to his chest.

I’ll stick to situps and running.

As someone said on facebook, Crossfit is like bizarro fight club.

“The first rule of Crossfit is to never shut the fuck up about Crossfit”

I’ve also seen, “If you’re a vegan who does Crossfit what do you tell people first?”

Now you guys have me imagining the worst possible facebook oversharer:
A new mom, who decided to take up crossfit to get back in shape. She’s a vegetarian because of animal rights and she’s also staunchly political in one direction or another. In her free time, she likes to play facebook games like Farmville. She also owns cats and is involved with her local shelter. If there’s a personality quiz around, she’s always interested in looking at her results. She also has no idea how to check Snopes against the articles she posts.

Just makes you shiver, doesn’t it?

Somebody is winning at Facebook Bingo with her, that’s for sure.

Actually, from what i’ve seen, it’s more likely to be, “If you’re a paleo who does Crossfit, what do you tell people first.”

Most Crossfit places seem to promote a paleo diet, and both Crossfit and paleo seem to attract a disproportionate number of annoying, self-righteous proselytizers.

It’s the lack of carbs. Makes 'em woo-zy.

What’s ‘wod’?

And I’m afraid to ask about ‘repping their box’.

I believe WOD stands for “Workout of the Day.”

Not sure about the other one, though.

A “box” is a gym so I guess repping one’s box would be representing one’s gym by talking about it online.

So… I start my cross-fit on-ramp next week and my wife is about a month into cross-fit herself.

And I hate that behavior, mostly from my friends on FB, who are into cross-fit who post their WODs and other bizarro work-out details. I was very, very hesitant to start cross-fit mostly because I did not want to be that d-bag posting WODs and personal bests and all of that annoying “cult like” behavior as I see it.

My wife started to do it and I had to reminder her by sharing a previous status update months before she started cross-fit where she was complaining about people posting their workouts to FB. She hasn’t done it since but I’m also still watching for it to sneak back in. Haha

So, I pledge to you (and myself) that I will do my best to NOT be that guy doing cross-fit. I am a passionate guy and when something excites me I do tend to over-share. However, I’m going to do my best to keep it in check. I only ask that you allow me to occassionally whine about how much my entire body f-cling hurts the day after a workout. If I can’t whine on FB, what the hell else is there? :wink:

My understanding from my annoying Facebook crossfit friends is that it’s pronounced to rhyme with “odd” not “road”. Plus you never say “W-O-D”.

Doing either of these things marks you as a noob, according to him.

When he told me this I really wished I could six pool him in real life.