What is it with Bush Administrations and gay prostitution?

We are all familiar I daresay with the sordid tale of Jeff Gannon, White House press correspondent and gay prostitute. What I didn’t know about until today was that the Bush I White House had an even MORE severe problem involving a gay child prostitution ring with access to the upper levels of the Bush I adminstraition run by a fellow named Craig Spence.

I’m not sure there’s a debate here, so the mods may move this is they so please, but it is politically very on the spot: Why have both Bush White Houses been involved in gay prostitution scandals? Some top-level Bush II officials are former Bush I officials. Could there be some tastes that were being catered to in both administrations? Cheney? Rumsfeld?

Mmmm, juicy.

Look at Gannon’s face. He is just too cute. I don’t see how anyone could refuse him anything! :slight_smile:

But really, I don’t think it is due to their being gay, but to a combination of two different factors

[li]High society people and hidden kinks go together like soup and sandwiches.[/li][li]They look for unethical people to be socks. The fact that the people happen to show slimy behaviors is just a bonus! :smiley: [/li][/ul]

I think it’s the gay prostitution occurring in both Bush White Houses that does it for me. You know, the Bush AG recently started up an anti-obscenity unit to protect the rest of us from images of the sort of things that apparently occur in the Bush White House with some regularity. Heh heh.

Uh huh.

Of course, the politician most closely connected to a gay prostitution scandal wasn’t a Bush, of course. He wasn’t a Republican either.

So if you’re trying to construct a trendline here, that one fact might throw you off a bit.

Tempest in a teapot. I remember when a political appointee in the Johnson White House was caught in a homosexual encounter in a Washington YMCA men’s room. People had some fun with a takeoff on Johnson’s campaign slogan.

“Either way with LBJ.”

Both links talk about Jeff Gannon. Who was Craig Spence?

What is it with Evil Captor and gay prostitution? Two threads in as many weeks… He wants the conservatives to make a stink; he really, really does. But those mean old conservatives just won’t do it. Must be frustrating…

Here’s a hint: With power, comes access to perks. Perks include sex for money (or for political favors, etc.). Sex comes in different flavors. Oysters and snails, as the saying goes.

Some dude who did something or other back in the early 90’s.

Nothing to add to the debate, but how does the saying go? I’ve never heard it before.

It is a refrence to the film Spartacus. Oysters or snails was a veiled reference to straight or gay, and who preferred what. It is frequently “purged” or censored out, to “protect” us viewers.

Hopefully, you have googled his name. If not: He was another republican gay male who pimped (underaged?) rent boys , as if the gay republican part was not bad enough. :slight_smile:

Oh, and he had free and easy access to the whitehouse. Early 90s, like Squink said.

Dude, you should watch a few episodes of Cops. I can assure you that you don’t need power in order to access the “sex for money” perk.

You aren’t sure? Let me clue you in then…there isn’t.

Really…don’t you have anything better to do?

Then there’s Laura’s Bush.

Hey, it could happen. I like to think.

IOW, it’s not a necessary condition; rather a sufficient one. I never said you needed it. :slight_smile:

Ya think the midnight tours of the White House for child prostitutes were an incredible coincidence, no doubt, liike all those day passes Gannon got for White House press briefings.

Really, it’s like you don’t WANT to connect the dots.

Here’s a link.

To put it briefly, Craig Spence was a Very Connected conservative lobbyist whose lobbying techniques included procuring child prostitutes for influential people in Washington. (He was also a personal friend of Ted Koppel’s.) He was able to arrange for “midnight tours” of the Bush I White House for some of his child prostitutes. He claimed to be a CIA agent as well. Spence’s connection for obtaining the services of child prostitutes appears to have been Franklin E. King, who was a Republican Party bigwig in Nebraska who appears to have had connections to Nebraska orphanages.

To be fair, some Democrats were involved in the scandla as well, but it was mostly a Republican party.

I think there hasn’t been enough “rubbing of noses in it” for conservatives. They’ll come around eventually.

I like to think I do my humble best to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.