What is it with gay Hollywood folk leaving Marvel projects I like for DC?

First, Bryan Singer goes over to the Superman movie, leaving the X-Men movies behind. Now Allen Heinberg, writer of Young Avengers, is causing that title to go bimonthly instead of monthly (tho’ granted, its schedule has been… spotty lately) to write for Wonder Woman.

Stay with Marvel, people! DC will only break your heart and give you liver spots! The fact that I totally love the Marvel projects you were one, and care not one whit for the DC ones, is totally irrelevant!

Stay with your ROOTS, people!!

They like to “play for the other team”?

Young Avengers isn’t bi-monthly, it’s just confused.

You are such a bi-monthlyphobe.

FWIW, I heard (from a friend who knows Bryan Singer) that Singer was willing to do both SUPERMAN and X-MEN, but that X-MEN’s studio dropped him from the project once he took on SUPERMAN. So it wasn’t his choice.

Whew, I thought you were going to say Ian McKellen left the X-Men movies! Scared me!

But Alan Cumming and director Bryan Singer both did.

Last I heard Joss Whedon was doing the Xmen movie. He’s pretty dang gay friendly, if he’s not gay himself (I don’t know).

No. Brett Ratner, the director of the Rush Hour movies, is helming X3. Whedon’s doing Wonder Woman.

[tiny hijack] Which company has more gay characters, just out of curiosity? [/tiny hijack]

Seriously, he’s leaving YA? But that title kicks so much ass! Who’s replacing him?

Does his wife know?

What I heard was that Singer felt he’d earned a lot of control on the X-Men movies, so he wanted to shape the story in a particular direction, but the studio wasn’t giving him that control and was insisting on interfering in ways he just couldn’t be bothered having to deal with.

They’re running pretty much even.

They both have a dozen or more - including one each outed very recently. (Ultimate Collossus (who wasn’t exactly a secret), and Obsidian (who was hardly more of a surprise).)

Gay League has a pretty good - though by no means complete - list of gay characters in comics (all companies, not just the big two.) And just to show how little surprise there was in Collossus and Obsidian’s outings - both were listed for at least a year before they were officially outed.

I think it’s interesting that they list Scandal but not Knockout from DC, despite using a picture of them together in Scandal’s entry.

I was also unaware that Captain Metropolis and Hooded Justice were ever romantically linked in Watchmen. I knew that Sally’s interview at the end of #9 basically outed them both (since I think Byron Lewis was still alive at that point, and we know Hollis Mason and The Comedian both were. Although I guess she could have been referring to Dollar Bill.), but looking over my book I’m not seeing anything that puts them together as lovers.

Are you sure they’re really going for DC? Maybe this is just youthful experimentation or some kind of phase they’re going through.

He’s writing an X-Men comic, which I actually think is better than the movies. And I really liked the movies.

As for Bryan Singer, I heard it was a simple scheduling conflict. He really wanted to do both Superman and X3, but they would be filming at the same time so he had to choose, and Superman was too good to pass up. They are both coming out this summer so it would have been impossible for him to do both.

Forget the lies that WIZARD tells you and ignore the exclusivity contracts: DC is the writer’s company, Marvel is for artists. It is now and ever shall be.

You’re right: in comics itself, there’s nothing that links them romantically, just in the supplementary material – although some people feel that it was foreshadowed by the gay couple holding hands in that restuarant scene near the end of issue #1. Also, Sally’s husband (ahhh – shoot. Forgot the character’s name) makes it explicit who is gay in his letter to her.

It’s okay; Wonder Woman’s on “the list.”

Sorry, my subject line is misleading for him. He’s not leaving per se, but his new Wonder Woman commitment is, as I said, halving the schedule for Young Avengers. Which is almost (though admittedly not quite) the same to me!

I can dig it; Wonder Woman’s on my list too.