What is it? (With picture)

What the heck is this thing shown on the Macedonian 10 dinari bill?

Are aliens living in Macedonia?:wink:

It is a monument to the Illinden uprising in Krusevo.


4 minutes flat. Bravo!!

but what is it supposed to represent?


A futuristic artistically-rendered head of a mace.

I saw that in an episode of Ultraman, decades ago! :slight_smile:

Hell, I thought I read “the Illidan Uprising” in BeepKillBeep’s post…

It is the bottom of the boot, the last thing you will ever see. As it stomps on your face, forever.

I saw it in a Disney movie.

Clearly, you were not prepared. :smiley:

thank you for that link!

i tried to find to find it on my own and failed (sigh)


Someone needs a universal XP penalty…

Link to Wiki for monument itself.