What IS it with Republicans and not wanting to get vaccinated?

So, wanting to write something a bit different I decided I wanted to explain what the Trump years… especially COVID… was like via an Old Testament-style pastiche.

When done, the format was so obviously made for Twitter, I placed it there… hope y’all enjoy.

(For those of you not used to Twitter, the link takes you to a 27 (or so) “tweet thread” which is read by clicking on the bottom tweet. The link is to the first tweet, they are all numbered, and the last tweet is a near carbon copy of the first tweet. You’ll see.)

It’s amazing how much of it you can ignore with no consequences.

That’s hardly surprising given that Republicans operate only in the USA.

If you meant to say “right-wing”, however, I can present the example of Austria, where the far-right Freedom Party (the third-largest in Parliament, and until a couple years ago members of the ruling coalition) are tacitly anti-vax in much the same way that the American Republican Party are. That is, they’re not officially against the vaccine, but do vocally oppose most current and proposed pandemic control measures (curfews, lockdowns, mask or vaccination mandates, etc.). And individual party leaders often speak by invitation at mass public demos organized by others who are against vaccination in general or who claim that Covid-19 doesn’t exist at all.

I’ll add that the Conservative Party in Canada is somewhat against mandates, although not completely anti-vax. The current leader refuses to say which of his MP’s are unvaccinated, although when he made his new shadow (opposition) cabinet, several prominent anti-vax voices were left on the sidelines.

Luckily for the Conservatives, there is a further right-wing party (People’s Party), where the far right anti-vax lunatics and whackos can comfortably live. These are the kind of folks that disrupt Remembrance Day services, and disrespect veterans because they think this makes them look good.

I thought Parliament had recently introduced a rule banning all unvaccinated people from the premises. Or is this rule still under discussion? If it were implemented, it would make it obvious which MPs are unvaccinated.

I read Politifact regularly, and I am appalled at the sort of lies spread by Fox and Conservative Talk radio that are spread on FB, etc.

When trump himself when to a GOP con and told attendees to get the shot, even he was booed.

The lies are pushed hard, and the “stalwarts” are bombarded by them. I don’t think the radio hosts or Fox news believe them, but it is their way to stirring up the rabble- and keeping them stirred up until the next election.

Last Week Tonight had a segment on some GOP nutcase who won on this sort of crap, so they will keep spreading it.

They have. And Parliament resumes November 22. This will be the day when we see who shows up, and who does not. O’Toole is not looking forward to that day.


I could almost give you Barak since many called him elitist although I don’t think he is. But JIMMY CARTER? He’s not any of those things.

You take that back!

LOL, in my defense, I couldn’t find one with Reagan and Trump, so I had to make do. In the alt-text of the tweet, it should read “Actor not available, stand-in is on far right”, but I think I fucked it up.

And pretty much anyone that goes to Harvard is an elitist. :wink:

Well you could have photoshopped it. These days, everybody understands (or should understand) that seeing isn’t believing any more anyway.

Then O’Toole at least has a shred of dignity. The leader of the Austrian Freedom Party recently went on national TV to proclaim that he was unvaccinated and to proudly present the results of an antigen test to prove it.

I guess for his next trick, he will proudly show off his IQ test, where he scored a 75.

Maybe he’ll soon be able to show off a blood oxygen level to match.

I deny emphatically that I LOL’ed at this totally unkind and mean spirited quip.

It’d be an awful shame if someone were to start a conspiracy theory about how he faked these results to hide the fact that he’s secretly vaccinated.

We’d need a catchy “False Flag” term for the antigen test. Or for faking not being vaxxed…“Vexatiously Vaccinated!”

Given that he’s just announced this week that he’s got Covid-19, that conspiracy theory would play right into the antivaxxers’ hands. (“See? Vaccines don’t work, just like we’ve all been telling you!”)

“He’s so committed to the lie, now he’s lying about getting COVID. It’s called ‘going for the sympathy vote!’ Don’t be such a sheeple!”

After he’s dead we can do the whole, “He faked his death and is secretly conspiring with JFK Jr.” thing.

My employer also instituted a vax or go policy, with an end of November deadline. The usual hard-right Trumpbot loudmouths broke out in defiant, bravado-laden indignation, which then gave way to two narratives:

  • They’ll get the shot to keep their job, but will be resentful as hell, and this may affect their work ethic.

  • They’ll leave and do something else because they’re such stalwart rugged types with much brilliance, and the company will suffer greatly from the lack of their presence. Just from the buzz I’ve overheard, this group seems the larger of the two.

Then the “bad” news. Company pushed the deadline until early next years. So depressed and disappointed we were that a bunch of assholes won’t be leaving. Oh, and said assholes have formed this narrative that their defiance that brought this about, and that this is happening across the country, and if they can just keep this up until they can run out the clock to the next presidential election, it’ll all just go away.

I wonder if this had to do with the circuit court suspending implementation of the OSHA COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Of course a company could still enact their own mandate, but OSHA’s mandate makes a handy fig leaf if they get sued.

Maybe. My company (health insurance) also instituted a ‘vax or go’ policy and has held to the deadlines they initially set to get everyone vaxxed, regardless of the lawsuits and OSHA situation. On a company-wide call last week they reiterated the deadline for proving your vax status, and the next day they will begin the termination process for those unwilling to vax, or not providing the proof. So, yeah, they are staying with their own mandate.