What is it with the mouse-cursor lately?

Whenever I try to insert the mouse-cursor at a certain point in a Dope post (as one often must, to do coding, make corrections or insert text) and click, it always ends up a space or two to the right of where I tried to put it – or, sometimes, on the line below – or, sometimes, it does not move at all from where it previously was blinking at the end of a line. This has been going on for months now.

That sucks.

If it’s an optical mouse, you have a piece of debris in the little light area on the bottom. If it’s the old mouse with the ball, it has a hairball. Cleaning either should fix the problem.

No, it’s not that, I get the same problem on more than one computer, and only when posting to the SDMB – I have no such problem when working in Word or Outlook.

This is NOT a test.

Typed the above without the NOT and then inserted the NOT with no cursor problems. Seems fine to me. Firefox 42.0 on Ubuntu.

Well, I have the problem whether I’m using Firefox or Explorer.

Maybe it’s caused by the Dope server clock being two minutes off?

As far as I can tell, nothing has changed on their end. Is it possible that you have a DNS hijack? Or that all your computers are infected with the same malware? Do you have any plugins or addons in common?

This is actually not atypical malware activity–it’s doing something behind the scenes to detect cursor clicks, and puts the mouse in the wrong place.

There’s also the idea that you’re getting served a rogue ad that is injecting a script that is causing the problem. Does it disappear if you disable JavaScript? Do you use an ad blocker?

when posting to forums … i routinely utilize wordpad … when finished, copy/paste the content directly into the forum interface … allowing that interface for text formatting only. eradicates conspiracies of sdmb-keyloggers as well. also cuts down on frustration … due, in part, to sessions timing out … and, surreptitiously, losing all of the thought 'n type process. go figure.