What is it with this fucktrumpet and Matt Shepard? He obsessed or something?


Click that for information.

Apparently Fred Phelps wants to go to Wyoming and erect a statue saying “MATT SHEPARD ENTERED HELL ON OCTOBER 15, 1998”. Right on the same place where he died.

I have to admit, I was a bit of a homophobe myself. Even made a few jokes about Shepard. Of course, things changed, as I later completed seventh grade.

Seriously, if this statue does get erected, I’m going to fly to Wyoming and tape goatse.cx to it.

Let me know when your flight arrives. I’ll even spring for the rental car (but the goat has to ride in the trunk).

Fred Phelps is a crazy, miserable old man who needs serious psychiatric help. THAT is what is with him.


Uh, it’s pretty unique and creative. It’s not “asshat”, but few things are.


Yes, he is obsessed.

And if it’s legal to do that, then maybe some people ought to make very very VERY loud donations to very overtly gay-friendly people/charities for every minute it’s up. “For as long as that fucking thing stays up there, Fred, all them hell-bound sodomites are getting money. And all you have to do is take it down.” Or something. Put up something like “Fred Phelps has been doing Satan’s work since [date his “ministry” began].”

In pink.

Guy who streches his ass.

They won’t really put up the monument, they are just trolling for attention. It would cost too much for the kind of thing they describe wanting to erect. And even if they did manage to erect such a travesty, they have to know that as soon as their backs were turned it would be vandalized and destroyed, and, mysteriously, their would be no witnesses, even if it happened at high noon.

Cut and paste it into your browser if you’re REALLY curious.

I’ll warn you, though-it’s BAD.

(Although I’ve seen it so many times all I do anymore is laugh)

Fred Phelps is an angry, angry man. He is angry about the secret feelings of pleasure that well up within him when he imagines a gentle finger brushing down the crack of his ass, and slowly, lovingly tweaking his chocolate starfish. He positively writhes with fury at himself for the powerful desires that fill his heart when he fantasizes about a thick, hard, well-lubricated cock sliding between his thighs, and softly invading his dark, hairy valley, before pushing, pushing, oh so gloriously, against his anus, opening him wide, invading him, and pumping, pumping, while his partner reaches around with a strong hand to rub and pinch his sensitive mantits, causing him to groan and scream with ecstasy. And because he is so angry, he lashes out at those with whom he associates these terrible, terrible longings, and those who remind him of his unspoken shame.

That’s what it is with the fucktrumpet.

Jesus. Having seen that, I need to wash my brain.

I’m with ya there!

Damn it damn it damn it…

I’m gonna go stick an enema tube up my nose and hope to flood that image out of my mind. Yarf.

I love you, Cervaise.

Cervaise, I realize that the “all homophobes are repressed homosexuals” theory is all the rage, but please, let me assure you that we the homosexuals have absolutely no interest in even considering the vaguest of possibilities that Phelps is one of us.

Re the OP, Phelps doesn’t want to put the monument up on the spot where Matthew Shepard died. That would be a hospital room. Nor is he interested in erecting it where Shepard was left for dead. No foot traffic to the fence. No, he wants to put it up in a park, and the city government may be unable to stop him from doing so because the park also contains a Ten Commandments monument. If the city wants to keep the TC monument it may also have to allow the Shepard “monument.” So some good may come out of this, in that it might mean the removal of a TC monument from public land.

Cervaise, ever considered writing some of those “romance” novels my coworkers are always reading? I’m a middle-aged, happily married woman who knows you don’t swing that way and right now I luv you too! BTW, I think you’re 100% right on about our pal, Mr. Christian Love himself, Fred.

I want to wash something else … very … vigorously.


Band name!

Not being an american, i had no idea whom this Matthew Shepard fellow was but from this thread i have been compelled to find out what the story is and i must say this kind of senseless violence (on the part of the attackers) and stupidity/hate form fred phelps (he doesn’t deserve a capital letter) boggles my mind.

There is a saying “Only in America” and to a point, this is seems to be true at least along the lines of putting up with “Fucktrumpets” like fred erecting hate statues. There is not a local council anywhere in New Zealand that would entertain the idea of this statue for longer than it takes to say “Fuck off you ranting lunatic”

Out of curiosity has anyone read the article about fred phelps on http://www.baptistwatch.org/fredphelps.html detailing just how fucked up this monster really is.

It’s ok, he doesn’t just hate “fags”, he hates Americans too… http://www.godhatesamerica.com/

What a fucknugget…on the off-chance the “memorial” does go up, I don’t see it standing unscathed very long. I also don’t imagine the city police force will hurry to it’s rescue.

I found this an interesting one on www.godhatesamerica.com,
“George W. Bush swears in an out of the closet, militant homosexual, Michael Guest to be Ambassador to Romania! The representative face of America to Europe is an out of the closet…” Since when is Romania “Europe”. No offence to Romanian dopers but i’d hardl’y call Romainia, Europe.

It seems he doesn’t just hate gays or America they are just the easiest targets for him to lash out at. If i was driving and saw that fool crossing the road, rest assured i wouldn’t brake.