What is known about Socrates' military career?

What is known about Socrates’ military career?
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He participated in the Battle of Potidaea, where he saved Alcibiades’s life.

He was also at the Battle of Delium.

In both battles he appears to have been a foot soldier.

The Greek armies of that period used hoplite phalanx formations. Pretty much everyone was a foot soldier.

At Potidaea Athen fielded around 3000 hoplites, yes, but also around 400 cavalry and 70 ships (triremes) as well as an officer corps and the assorted support organization.

Even if he was a foot soldier, he wasn’t necessarily a hoplite himself. Every hoplite was also usually accompanied by an attendant who functioned as a squire, but also fought as skirmishers. They were usually lightly armored and armed with javelins, but also frequently bows, spears or slings. (IIRC the Peltasts morphed from this group.)

He was in logistics, his job was to deliver supplies to the soldiers. He’d transport it in big wooden boxes, crates actually, on a wagon. Every time he approached the base camp, the sentry would search the wagon to make sure no contraband was being smuggled. He’d give a brief look at the cargo, and say:


Would attendants have been drawn from the voting citizens though? Although Socrates was not wealthy he was a skilled tradesman and a voting politically-participating citizen, which seems closer to the hoplite class

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Plato mentions Socrates military career several times in the dialogues:

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