What is my ring?

I have a ring that I got at the Horshoe Curve in Altoona, PA. It is black and very shiney. It is almost iridescent, it is so shiney. It is solid all the way around. I think I was told it is a bi-product of coal. Does anybody know what it is?:confused:

Does it look anything like
this ?
OR this ?
If yes, then it is hematite.

“True Hematite, a black silvery stone, is quite heavy. It has known favor amongst royalty since Egyptian and Greek days. Named after the Greek “haima” for blood, it will streak red when rubbed against a harder substance. When faceted, known as a “black diamond”. Unlike Lodestone, Hematite is not magnetic.”

Read more details (some mythical) at http://www.luckygemstones.com/hematite-jewelry-black-shiny-stones.htm

I suspect it’s jet. Jet is a very hard type of coal that takes a good polish.

Here’s a description of jet from the same site that andy_fl linked to.

The reason I’d suspect it’s jet rather than hematite is because of your comment re coal.

It is definitely “hematite”. I must have gotten the coal thing because there was a lot of coal there; but there was a lot of iron ore, too.

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