What is my title?

A little info about my situation. There was an automotive shop a couple miles from me that seemed to never grow. I’ve known them for a couple of years and have been in automotive parts for about 30 years so i had met them through the local parts store. We’ll i had grown bored selling parts in a retail store so i went by one evening and was talking with them I explained to them what they needed to do to make more money and to grow. I told them if they hired me for a price I would make them more money. i told them what i had to have and that I would be contract labor and we came up with my wage. They ordered business cards for me with a title of Parts/Sales.
Here’s the thing, I do so much more and I need a title.
I find auto parts and equipment for them and a Oil transport company who currently brings there fleet to the auto shop company for repairs. Many individuals use me to find parts for them for a fee, I keep the books for the auto shop and have manage there inventory as well as handle sales and purchasing find and purchase equipment and parts for the oil transport company and make sure there maintenance is up to date. I take care of the advertising, website, phone calls, public relations customer service, and third man in charge of the shop. I am the financial adviser for the auto shop as well.
So in a nutshell I am and accountant for a business and a retired person. I pay all bills for both and manage there money. I carry three checkbooks and credit cards for all. I handle all media for the auto shop. I charge a finders fee to individuals when i locate what there needing weather i purchase it or they do. I schedule the jobs for the shop, give estimates and order and purchase parts. I set in a glass room with a computer and two monitors, phones and available 24/7
What would me my title?

Just a simple “i”.

Why do you NEED a title? I spent my whole life not giving a fig for a title.

How about general manager?

A title might be helpful when dealing with new customers or providers, authorities, etc… “I’m talking with the spare parts guy” isn’t the same as “I’m talking with the general manager (the title you proposed)” and an appropriate title will certainly come in handy when your interlocutor doesn’t know anything else about you.

How about “dog robber?”

I appreciate the answers but i need more,

General manager of what is what customers and new prospects will ask. I don’t work for just one company, I get anywhere from three to seven paychecks a week from different sources. I offer a service to many.

In my opinion you are an “Agent” - basically someone authorized to act on another’s behalf. You could put down “Automotive Parts and Services Agent” as your title.

Something with “contractor” or “consultant,” maybe? But you’re doing a lot of business that those titles don’t imply. You could have a sense of humor about it, and give yourself a comical title, I guess. “Modular acquisitions consultant,” “indispensable busybody,” or something.

HMFIC, Parts and Accessories.

Senior Expeditor

If you are contract labor then you are in business for yourself. Or possibly you have your won business and am employed by another. Your job descript actually sounds like asst manager. I ran shops me entire adult life doing exactly what you describe and even more when I figure in all the warrantly claim work. My title was normaly Shop Foreman or Fleet Manager or Shop superintendent.
I ran a small 1 man fleet consulting business for several years also doing what you describe, my card read American Badger Fleet Consulting Owner

I’d call yourself a Fleet (or Auto) Operations Consultant. If people ask what operations, you simply talk about what’s relevent. “Operations” is a catch-all that can include every cervice that you provide. If it doesn’t sound important enough, make yourself a Senior Fleet Operations Consultant.

Coincidently, my family has decided to set up a small business and I do the duties commonly associated with the CFO, COO and CEO but not exactly. The title I came up with for myself is “Business Office” - not like I work in the business office but I AM the business office.

I think everyone is missing the marketing angle of what he does. Service & Parts Marketing Consultant, perhaps.

My brother is an Automotive Parts Interpreter. My dim understanding is that he identifies which parts are needed, sources them and supplies them to the customers of the garage he works for. I think it might be more complicated that that, but my eyes glaze over when he starts talking about parts and I haven’t taken in anything more useful.

Aside from the accounting stuff, what you do sounds like my understating of what my parts interpreter brother does.

This link has information about becoming an apprentice automotive parts interpreter that includes a description of duties: http://www.apprenticeservices.com.au/apprentice-guide/automotive/apprentice-automotive-parts-interpreter/

I’m partial to the title General Factotum. YMMV.

See also: Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

What was Travis McGee’s title?

Ah, yes. Salvage Consultant.

That’s a pretty good description, but with my 30 years of experience i’m far from being an apprentice. I am also the financial advisory.

I think your title should be “Gone With The Wind”, or “Star Wars”; or, if you are self-promoting, “King Kong”.

Those have all been really popular titles in the past.

Does that help?

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Parts/Sales Barista

Ok, I understand how a title has significance in different fields. Sometimes it’s nothing but a substitute for compensation you may deserve, other times it is the compensation. In my case I prefer not to use one. The titles in the software industry are often pointless, and made up to satisfy the ego of an individual, or even cover up their lack of productivite ability. Earlier this year on a conference call with a couple of Fortune 500 companies and a major medical institution everybody started by rattling off their name and lengthy, frivolous titles. I went last, gave my name and said I didn’t really know what my title was. That was followed by audible indications of respect. They know if you don’t have a title in my position, you don’t need one.

If your not going to give me on topic positive criticism then don’t bother posting at all.