What is one thing someone said that made you lose respect for them?

For me it has to be my 21yr old cousin who said that suicide was the same morally as murder. Because a person who is struggling with the ability to cope with life and may have a mental illness is the same as someone who has no conscience.

And worse shes a law student…

Any conspiracy theory. As soon as someone starts parroting one, I mentally strike them from the list of people I’d trust with any important task.

People who bitch about child support or high on my list.

I remembered losing respect for a woman I knew when she told me she was marrying a much older man for financial gain. She was also crass enough to mention that she would no doubt outlive him.

I can’t recall the specific comment, but one BIL said something akin to belief in woo, and that dropped his credibility to near zero with me. He’s a nice guy, but I thought he was smarter than that.

Pretty much anyone who frames an argument with “The Bible says…” - unless you’re arguing religion, what the Bible says doesn’t count. Go away.

When I was a senior in high school the guy I was dating went to college in another state. He sent me several letters. In one, he said the college had tried to make him room with a “nigger” and he put a stop to that. So I put a stop to the letters.

What a shock that was; I had had no indication of his racism. It was 1963 and I know a lot of people thought that way then, but I didn’t, and I guess I thought the people I liked were better than that. Sad to know this is still not the case.

Anything smacking of bigotry. As soon as that comes out their mouth I mentally/emotionally back away and give them a wide berth.

A relative who said once, “We really loved our first house, and we wouldn’t have sold it to those people if we’d known they were lesbians.”


Minor, and very personal. I had a friend over for dinner and we were hanging out after when he said to me, in complete and utter seriousness, “I hate your dog”. You enjoy my food, my wine and my hospitality, then tell me that? We’d known each other for years, but that remark just vaporized my feelings for him.

“Typical man…”, “Women are all the same…” and any comment along those lines, the person immediately goes massively down in my estimation.

Unfortunately its also quite common…

Any instance of the No True Scotsman fallacy. Someone generalizing and taking a response of “hey, not all!” in due stride, no problem; someone whose response is “oh yes, all of them!”… hon, I hope you won’t catch fire, cos I’d hate having to explain why I didn’t bother put it out.

ETA: DH, were you looking over my shoulder or something?

Ummmm…no? shuffles feet awkwardly

“I’m not a racist, but…”

Now don’t get me wrong. I am sure you can come up with a scenario where lying in court is the “right” thing to do.

But as a general rule, no.

Saying you’ll just make shit up to get what you want in court?

Fuck no.

Those who practice political correctness.

Lies. Especially ones meant to influence or manipulate other people. Its one of the main reasons I have little respect for any politicians these days.

Oh god, I forgot major you know you are fucking lying lying.

In the process of leaving my EX she pulled that. Big lies she knew were lies. Some serious character assasination type stuff (gawd only knows what she told others about me that she didn’t tell me directly).

The sixth one did it. Any remaining ember of any positive emotion or care for her well being died with that one. It was like a switch just turned off.

If she died a lonely lingering death and died alone in a room, I might feel bad…but mostly I’d feel bad that I didn’t really care anymore.

How do you define the phrase?

A registered nurse, one of my in-laws, saying that she didn’t get flu shots because she thought the idea of filling her body with toxins was icky. To endanger your patients’ lives because of scientifically unfounded woo? Despicable.